Thursday, October 11, 2012

Settled In

Judy and I have been here for almost two weeks now. Our duties at the park have become routine and we have learned our way around Chiefland. Since Chiefland is rather small learning our way around was no difficult matter.

Wednesday we dropped Judy’s Honda CRV off at Wal-Mart to have the tires rotated and balanced. It was free because we had purchased the tires at Sam’s Club. In fact it was a $32.00 savings. WE just dropped it off and left because it is not fun sitting in the lounge area waiting forever until they finish. We used the time doing other errand.

We had not done any laundry in a while so I looked up the nearest Laundromat on my smart phone and headed over there.  It was very nice and it was located just outside of the Chiefland RV Park. I did not drive in to the park. 
Wash Day - four loads

Judy catching up on her email and FB

Next we drove out to R L mobile home and RV parts. I just wanted to know exactly where it was located and what their inventory consisted of. I did order a part. The owner was very friendly and helpful.

We went back to Wally World and picked up Judy’s CRV and went back to the park. Once there I walked around our loop to see how many campers were with us.  Only five.

Judy was in a cooking mood and was craving salmon, turnips, and Mac & cheese. That always means cooking outside. There are some things Judy will not cook inside. We usually use an electric two burner hot plate. This time however I pulled my old Coleman two burner propane stove out of the basement. I had brought it with us as an afterthought. It has been at least ten years since I have used it. I checked it out and it worked perfect. The meal was delicious.

Lookin Good!

That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by.
Next blog: Sat.

NOTE: Some pics will be added later today.


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