Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Death in the Park

Monday was a typical Monday at the park, only four campers on Magnolia 2 Loop.  Judy and I had our comfort station duties completed by 9:30.  Only a light cleaning was required as a result of the low number of campers. I actually went and checked out the comfort station at 7:00 AM while Judy was still in a comatose state! It is still dark at that time of the AM now. I took care of the men’s side before Judy let me know she was up. I could have finished everything but she insists on being involved. She keeps reminding me we are a team. I am sure I should be happy about that.

Judy headed up to the laundry facilities for the volunteers to check them out and do a load if they checked out. They must have checked out because she did the laundry.
Volunteer Laundry

I rode her bike down to the main spring area to relax and watch some people swimming. The water is a constant 72 degrees and clear.  It is easy to see the fish swimming by.  Last time I was here I noticed a fish that kept leaping out of the water.  I found out it is an eastern gulf sturgeon.  The day use area is also in this area.
Manatee Springs

By the time I returned to the Fiver Judy was back.  She said she was going to read her book for awhile and then take a nap. I told her I was going to go clean-out the fire rings. At this point we were not a team.
It is a tuff job but someone has to do it

Now to the title of the blog.  After cleaning the fire rings, I noticed the couple from site 75 was out so I stopped by to chat. They had not been at the site when I came by earlier to clean the fire ring. The lady informed me that she had watched a squirrel just fall over dead. She asked me to take care of it. She said she didn’t want to dispose of it in case the park had some regulation or if a rabie's check would be done on the little feller.  I called the park office and they sent down Ranger Mike. He unceremoniously scooped up “Rocky” and placed him in a 5 gallon bucket and left the scene.

Ranger Mike - Man of the Moment

We capped the evening off by dining at Burger King and watching the debate. We returned to the CG at 11:00 PM.

That's all for now, thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Not what I was expecting:) Guess it was not much of a send off, but I guess better than be dragged into the woods as a light snack for another animal!

  2. Better the squirrel than one of the campers...nice job taking care of it!

  3. Those people were wise not to touch that squirrel. I read about a case earlier this year where a 7 year old girl in Colorado became ill with bubonic plague after burying a dead squirrel. Don't mess with dead wildlife.

  4. Hmm, better a squirrel. You guys are a team even if it isn't physical :) Moral support?!