Sunday, November 30, 2014

Apache Junction- Update 1

Apache Junction, AZ  

Judy and I have been at our winter park for exactly one week.  We are still getting used to the park routine.  I have not finished unpacking things from the basement area yet that usually comes out for extended stays, such as the grill and tables. That will be my project for today.

Judy and I have joined one card group and the morning shuffleboard group.  I plan to take advantage of the exercise facilities but haven’t gotten around to it yet.  Judy is working on her “walking routine”.  The computer club will be presenting a number of classes for computer users of different skill levels from novice to advanced.  Judy and I are going to sign up for the Excel class.

This being the first week, we haven’t ventured out for any day trips.  I am looking forward to getting up into the nearby Superstition Mountains.  The Grand Canyon is within driving distance also.

Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving by stopping by a local restaurant for the holiday meal and then went to see a movie.  Many of the park residents participated in the park sponsored dinner. 

The movie we chose to view was “MockingJay Part 1”.  The movie is the third in the “Hunger Games” trilogy. I agree with the decision to divide the book into two movies.  If you plan to go see the movie and have not seen the previous two or read the books, I recommend you rent the first two movies first. 

MockingJay Trailer:     MockingJay

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Superstition Sunrise RV Resort

Apache Junction, AZ

Judy and I have been at the Superstition Sunrise RV Resort only about five days but we are settled and getting the routine down. We know many of our RVer friends are curious as to how this park compares to Adelaide Shores RV Resort in Florida. That would not be a fair comparison  because one park is smaller and family operated and located in Florida and the other is a much larger park located in the desert southwest in AZ. One factor that is equal,  the residents of both parks are friendly and gave us very warm welcomes.

There is plethora of activities and amenities offered at Superstition Sunrise RV Resort. In fact there is enough to keep you busy from before sunrise to well after sunset 24/7.   I am not going to list them but if you view their web site you can see what all is offered. CLICK

Park Pics (click to enlarge)

SSRVP Activity 1A      SS Lobby 1a

SSRVP Activity2A      SS Library 1

    SS Exercise 2      SS WT Rm 1a

SS Pool 1a     SS Indoor pool 1

SS pool RM 1a      SS Cards Daily 1a

SS Bocce 1a    SSRVP SB2 A

SS Judy SB1a

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Travel Day: Apache Junction, AZ

By 8:00 AM Saturday morning Judy and I had hitched the RV to the truck and departed Naval Air Station Point Mugu, for the 470 miles drive to our wintering location in Apache Junction, Arizona. We thought about extending through Monday but I didn’t want to drive through Los Angeles on a workday.  As it turned out, I was right to leave as scheduled on Sat. because the traffic proved to be light.

Our plan was to drive to Desert Center CA , the half way point  and find a place to stop for the night.  We made it there by 1:00 PM but neither of us were ready to stop for the day so we pushed on another 170 miles (400 for the day).  We could have made it all the way to Apache Junction but we would have arrived after dark.  We decided to stop at a TravelCenters of America (TA) Truck Stop for the night.  Since it was only 5:15 PM there were plenty of parking sites available.  It doesn’t take long for the parking lot to fill up when the truckers start rolling in after dark.

TA Truck stop  TravelCenters America- Tonopah, AZ

Judy and I pulled out of the truck stop at 7:30 for the remaining 70 miles to our winter park, Superstition Sunrise RV Resort. The drive through Phoenix was traffic free..  We arrived at the park around 9:00 AM and checked in.  We were escorted to site 339. The park is much larger than Adelaide Shores in Florida, where we wintered the previous two winters. I am sure we will enjoy it here but we will miss our Florida friends.

SSRVP Activity 1A      SSRVP Main ST A

Site 339A

     SSRVP east A     SSRVP West A

Our neighbors, Boyd and Josie stopped by and welcomed us to the park.  After getting simi-settled in we took it easy for the rest of the day.  Judy and I will officially check-in Monday morning and get briefed on the scheduled activities.  I’ll take some pics around the park tomorrow and post them in the next blog.

Our journey from Madras, Oregon to Apache Junction, AZ covered 1,775 towing miles. The route down the west coast resulted in about 500 additional miles over the direct route.  Judy and I agree the coast route was worth each one of the additional miles and then some!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A day at the Library, The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Today I was excited to be going to visit the Ronald  Reagan Presidential Library.  To me, President Reagan is the best President of the modern era. The library is situated in the mountains of Simi Valley, Ca.  Being in the Navy during the “Hollow Force” era under President Carter I was thankful that President Reagan undertook a massive rejuvenation and modernization of the United States Armed Forces. This policy of Peace Through Strength eventually led to the end of the Cold War and the demise of the Soviet Union. Sadly, much of this is being dismantled by the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  

Keep in mind that there are many exhibits that aren’t included herein.

Reagan Entrance 1a     Reagan banner1a


Reagan 4a     Reagan Garden 1a

Panel of Berlin Wall  Reagan Wall 2

Reagan 3     Reagan 5a

Reagan Berlin walldisplay 1    Berlin Wall Display

Reagan AF! b      Reagan M1 a

Reagan Limo1a

Reagan Peace strength1      Reagan Peace 2 Reagan Peace3 Reagan Peace 4


Reagan Oval 1Reagan the man 1    

Ronald Wilson Reagan 1911-2004      Reagan Burial 2a  

To take a tour, CLICK

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Monday, November 17, 2014

New Friends and Old Friends

The weather continues to be typical Southern California weather,and our base of operations here at Point Mugu is perfect.  If you have access to military campgrounds, this park is worth stopping by if you are traveling the PCH. 

Judy relaxing at the beach   Pt Mugu Judy

Judy and I met up with some RVillagers Sat. evening for dinner and conversation.  I reached out to Lynn and Bob via RVillage social media and suggested a get together once we arrived in the Ventura area. They are volunteers at Emma Wood State Beach.  Bob made all the dinner arrangements and also invited fellow volunteers Don & Inez and Sandy.  We met at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse.  We all enjoyed sharing our workamper and travel experiences. 

Rvillagers oxnard  Judy, Lynn & Bob, Sandy, and Inez & Don

Sunday we visited with our very good friends from our Bedford, Virginia days, Gene and Linda.  Gene gave me the encouragement to undertake building our home, when Judy and I moved to Bedford, once I retired from the Navy.  They have continued to be good friends even after they moved back to Ca. Judy and I knew our trip back out west would not be complete without visiting them. We also got to visit with their daughter Lisa & her husband Matt and their two beautiful children Dylan and Khloe and their other daughter Lori and her beautiful daughter Carley. They took us to Backwoods Inn which was delicious!  Thank you Gene and  thanks to all for a wonderful visit. 

 Carrs family 2014  Linda, Judy, Lisa,Carley,Lori, and Gene

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Travel Day – NAS Point Mugu, Ventura County, CA.

Wed. Judy and I moved another 150 miles south to NAS Point Mugu.  The drive was uneventful except for the continued beautiful scenery.  The temps were in the low 70’s and the skies were blue, but that is what you expect in southern CA.

Judy and I were last in the area when I was stationed here between 1976-1979 as a second class petty officer aboard the USS Norton Sound AVM1,  Judy was 22 and I was 25 when we first got here.  That was a lot of years ago!  We both enjoyed the three years we were here.  After getting set up at the famCamp  at PT. Mugu yesterday, we went to Oxnard to see if our favorite Mexican restaurant was still in business.  It was still in operation and the dinner we had was excellent. We hope to visit the Reagan Library before we leave the area.  Sunday we will be visiting our friends Linda and Gene.

This is the view from our site.  Mugu Rock

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Did You Take Time to Remember?

Below is a blog I posted in May of 2012.  On this "Day of Remembrance", I thought it should be posted again.  My question to you is, Have you taken the time to reflect or remember a high school classmate, someone from your town/city or state,or family member who "gave all" for our freedom? Over the years since leaving the Navy in 1995 I have attended many official ceremonies commemorating the holiday. It is a holiday that I always set aside time for silent personal reflection to remember the “fallen”, some I personally knew and many I didn’t. One of the “fallen” that I didn’t know is Sgt. Rodney Davis even though he was from my home town of Macon, GA. I learned about him because of a news story almost a decade ago. The story highlighted the deplorable state of the cemetery and the fact that Sgt. Davis, a “Medal of Honor” recipient was buried there. This resulted in the condition being corrected. A local chapter of Marine Veterans took over the upkeep of the Sergeant’s grave and it now is befitting of a “Fallen Hero”. Medal of Honor citation The President of the United States in the name of The Congress takes pride in presenting the MEDAL OF HONOR posthumously to SERGEANT RODNEY M. DAVIS
UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS for service as set forth in the following CITATION: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving as the right guide of the Second Platoon, Company B, First Battalion, Fifth Marines, First Marine Division, in action against enemy forces in Quang Nam Province, Republic of Vietnam, on September 6, 1967. Elements of the Second Platoon were pinned down by a numerically superior force of attacking North Vietnamese Army Regulars. Remnants of the platoon were located in a trench line where Sergeant Davis was directing the fire of his men in an attempt to repel the enemy attack. Disregarding the enemy hand grenades and high volume of small arms and mortar fire, Sergeant Davis moved from man to man shouting words of encouragement to each of them firing and throwing grenades at the onrushing enemy. When an enemy grenade landed in the trench in the midst of his men, Sergeant Davis, realizing the gravity of the situation, and in a final valiant act of complete self-sacrifice, instantly threw himself upon the grenade, absorbing with his own body the full and terrific force of the explosion. Through his extraordinary initiative and inspiring valor in the face of almost certain death, Sergeant Davis saved his comrades from injury and possible loss of life, enabled his platoon to hold its vital position, and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life for his country. SGT Rodney Davis      USS Rodney Davis

Heaven Was Needing a Hero

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Enjoying the San Luis Obispo Area

On the days we haven’t visited specific attractions, Judy and I have been enjoying the San Luis Obispo, SLO to the locals, area. The downtown area has a small town feel.  California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) is also located here, giving the city a college feel. There are a lot of casual eateries serving any type of cuisine one may be craving. 

    Old Town                                                          Bubblegum Alley

SLO1       SLO BG1

The coast is a short ten mile drive west. Judy and I have visited Morro Bay twice since being in the area.  Morro Rock, a volcanic plug is a prominent geological feature of the area.  A busy waterfront has several seafood companies processing each days catch by local commercial fishermen.  Many people enjoy fishing, surfing (wet suits a must), and walking the beach. The Morro Bay area is often shrouded in fog and cooler than the inland areas.

Morro Rock 1      Morro Rock 2

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