Saturday, February 18, 2017

Day Trips with Jason to Sedona and the Apache Trail

Mesa AZ     H 64 Light Rain  L 52

Our son Jason flew down from Portland Oregon to spend a few days with us.  I am sure he enjoyed the sunny and warm days here with Judy and I. Of course it was great having him visit us.  We got in a couple of day trips during his stay, a drive on the Apache Trail and a visit to Sedona.

Apache Trail pics

AT map2     AT LAKE 1 A

Tortilla-Flat bridge A

AT 12 A     AT 9 A

Sedona Pics

Red Rock 9A     Red Rock 16A

Jason sodona 17

Chapel sedona 5A     Chapel sedona 4A

It was a fun week for sure. Jason returned to Portland on Thursday and had to be back at work on Sat.

That is all for now. Thanks for stopping by.

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Good Bye to “The Texas Boy”

Mesa, AZ      H74  L53

Judy and I have met so many friendly and interesting people during our RV travels and workamping over the last five years but truth be told no one touched our hearts like “The Texas Boy”.

Texas Boy

His name was Richard, but he would tell you right quick he was a Texas Boy, so we all called him Texas Boy, even though he was from CA. He was a person who you would remember the first time you met him and sadly, the last time. Both times, we managed to have him in tears. Judy commented on all the Elvis memorabilia in the office on our first day.  As it turned out, his brother who was a huge Elvis fan had passed away a few years back and he still grieved. The day we left in Oct. Judy and I stopped by the office to say our good byes and it was too much for the Texas Boy.  Of course we felt terrible both times.

The Texas Boy wore an  Alpen Rose shirt like all the workampers. He loved to ride in the golf carts with us but he wasn’t allowed to drive it. He had a walkie talkie but we took the batteries out so it didn’t work. He had a clipboard with a list of all the arrivals and departures but could not read them. He greeted all the guest with a friendly welcome and “how are you”. The ladies usually got a tip of his cowboy hat. The Texas Boy loved to sing karaoke though he seldom got the words right and was a tough act to follow because he always got a standing ovation.

The Texas Boy loved to fish,   Richard fishing2

Judy and I received word that The Texas Boy has passed away.  He was sixty nine and passed away in Texas.  He will be truly missed by all that knew him.