Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day Trip: Ericson Aviation Collection

Madras, Oregon  H97 L65

Tuesday Judy and I took a short drive to view the Ericson Aviation Collection housed in a large new hanger at the Madras Airport.  The collection consists of 22 restored WWII era aircraft, all but two still fly. This attraction opened last Oct. just before we headed south for the winter.

This collection of aircraft was assembled by Jack Ericson who is well known in aviation circles as an inovator in the use of helicopters in the logging industry and air tankers in fire suppression.  The collection was housed in Tillamook, Oregon for many years but moved to Madras last fall because the climate is so much dryer.  Madras was also a training base for B17 aircrews during WWII. 

The collection is considered one of the best the country.  Judy and I enjoyed the couple of hours we spent there reading about the histories of each of the aircraft. Madras host a large air show each Aug. and this will be a favorite attraction for many of the attendees. 

aviation M2A    Aviation M3A

Aviation 20A


Aviation M5A     Aviation 15A

Aviation 21A

Aviation 8A     Aviation 7A

Aviation 22A


Aviation  11 A     Aviation 12A

I almost forgot to mention that I have reached another of life’s milestones, my 65th birthday.  We celebrated with Terry and Rose at the Round Butte Overlook. Judy and Rose had plenty of good eats for us. Judy had also arranged a surprise visit from our son, Jason. He also brought along two of his friends from his days at Georgia College & State Univ., Josh and Minh. It was nice seeing all of them together again.

Jason Judy RB 1     Jason Judy RB2

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Update: June 13,2015

Madras, Oregon  H82 L44

I have been a little slow to post lately for no particular reason.  I just don’t seem to find the time.  Now that Memorial Day has come the park is in full summer mode. School ended here on Thursday, so we will see full capacity weekends at the park until mid Sept.

Judy and I have enjoyed seeing campers we met last year. For many of the campers Pelton Park is their annual camping event. Often it is a family reunion of sorts, as their children and grand children join them at the park for a few days of relaxation and family time. They tell us they love the park setting and appreciate how clean and well maintained the park is.

Happy Campers – Joe &Judy and kids

We met Joe and Judy last year during their annual visit. Their children came up to join them, another son and his family will be joining them later today.

judy joe 2A

The temp hit 107’ on Monday but it has since dropped back down to more seasonable temps in the low eighties.  Last night the low temp was 46’. Just right for a good campfire.

Judy and I are planning on getting back into our weekly “day trip” routine next week. We have a few ideas in mind but nothing is ever final until we head out. Stay tuned.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Alaskan Cruise Pt3 – The Ship

Madras, Oregon    H72  L56

Note: I have had trouble posting for awhile.

Many people have asked Judy and I many questions about the ship we took on the cruise.  So, I decided to devote a post to the ship. I am not going to get into the engineering statistics because I think pics will answer most of the questions.  One fact that impressed me is, the ship boast over $6,000,000 in art work.

The Celebrity Solstice

AK Ship 1A     AK ship2

Judy and I chose to have a stateroom with a balcony. We found the accommodations to be excellent. Suites are available as well as interior staterooms.

Stateroom 1A        stateroom 2A

Stateroom 5A

Stateroom 3A       Stateroom 4A

Interior Pics

Interior 1A       Interior Casino 1

Interior graphic 1A 

Interior Atrim 2A     Interior shopping 6

Dining (Fine and casual)

Ship Dining 1A      Interior dining 2A

Ship dining 2A

About the Decks

Ship Deck 1A      Decks 1A

Decks 2A

Decks 3A     Decks 6A

The cruise was very enjoyable and there was something for everyone. If you want to “dress up” or dress down, there is a venue for you. On board entertainment had all the bases covered as well. Maybe be Judy and I won’t wait another forty years before we take our next cruise.

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