Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day Off!

Wed was one of our two scheduled days off so we took it. It rained most of the day but it did not keep us down.  Judy and I took a short drive to Cedar Key, FL.  Cedar Key is a fishing destination. There are many local fishermen and many charter boats work from there. Since it was raining we drove through the tourist area and did a drive by tour of the area. We will be going back.

Cedar Key, FL.

Judy and I spent some time doing light cleaning in the RV, reading and taking a nap. Our main event of the day was going to be watching the Presidential Debate at 9:00 PM., not because we don’t know who we will be voting for. We have already made our choice. It is easy to decide when the two candidates have such different visions for the country and one already has a four year record.   We also stopped by the local library early in the day so Judy could check out some books. 

 Chiefland, FL. Library

I mentioned in my last entry we were going to watch the debate at a local sports bar. That did not work out.  As we drove to the bar about 8:15 PM I called enroute to make sure the bar would be open throughout the debate. I found out that the bar was closing at 9:00PM. We decided we would just listen in the car. Judy seemed ok with that. We had planned to get something to eat at the bar. I told Judy instead, we could pick up fast food.  To our surprise, the Burger King had a TV playing on CNN NEWS.  Judy asked the girl what time they closed, she said 11:00PM. She told Judy we could stay. Judy asked if she would mind putting the TV on FOX NEWS. The girl punched 360 (direct TV) into the remote and we were in business. Judy and I enjoyed our “Whoppers” and the debate.  Many
incoming diners kept their attention focused on the TV. Some made comments directly at the TV. Judy and I never make political views known in public. It was a great date night.

Fair and Balanced

That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by.


  1. We spent a week in Cedar Key a couple years ago, a very interesting little place.

  2. My dad would go to Cedar Key back ln the late 50's on fishing trips with a Men's Club. I hope to get back on a day trip.