Saturday, October 6, 2012

Back on the Job

Friday is the beginning of our five day work week.  In the Florida State Parks System volunteer host are required to work a minimum of 20 hours per week for their site. Manatee Springs uses the minimum state standard. It is the same requirement whether it is for “single or a couple”. Technically, when Judy and I work together we are required to put in two hours each per day.  We don’t really go by the hour requirement, we work until we finish the job we are assigned to do. 

On our work days we clean the comfort station in our loop. On the weekends when there are more campers it requires more attention than it does on weekdays.  During the weekend it takes about an hour and a half. We check it after lunch and clean as necessary.

We left the park at 4:30 PM to go to Beef O’ Brady’s to watch the baseball wildcard game.  The game came on at 5:07.  We enjoyed the “lemon pepper” wings more than the game.  When the Braves were down 6 to 2 Judy went into a deep depression and we returned back to the park just before 8:00 PM. We put on the second Harry Potter – Chamber of Secrets” DVD.  We found out later about the 18 minute game delay and the fans behaving badly.
Watching the '12 MLB NL Wildcard game at Beef O'Brady's

Chipper, It wasn't to be

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