Saturday, February 22, 2014

Weekly Update: Feb. 22, 2014

Judy and I have been busy this week enjoying the many activities offered by the park and the surrounding communities of Avon Park and Sebring, FL. We like having a menu of different activities to choose from. Here is what we were up to this past week;
Monday & Tue –  One of my friends, Marvin, and I were encouraged by a couple of members of the Avon Park Shuffleboard Club to  enter a two day Florida Shuffleboard Association sponsored armature tournament at Sebring FL. We were reluctant to do so because we had only played at the RV park level. We decided we would play so we could pick up some good experience. Our first match (best two out of three) lasted from 9:00 Am until 1:15 (4hrs), the longest match of the tournament!  Even though we lost the match, it raised our confidence level. We continued to play and advance. We finished up in fourth place out of 25 teams.
Wed – Judy went to Tampa Downs with a group from the park to bet on the horses.  She reported they had a fun time. She won $16.00.

Headed to the Post                      Galen and Georgia, friends from Milledgeville
Tampa Downs 1          Tampa Downs Galin and Georgia

Friday – After we played morning SB Judy and I took a drive to Punta Gorda so I could drop off my Florida Conceal Carry Weapons (CCW) license application package. I have one from GA. but now that we have changed our residency to FL I thought it would be prudent to get one from FL. Once we finished our business I asked the clerk if there was a good seafood restaurant nearby. She recommended one at Fisherman’s Village. It was a collection of waterfront shops and eateries on the waterfront. The restaurant she recommended was excellent.

Friday evening we went to the park clubhouse and enjoyed the music and comedy routine of “Spitin’ Image”, an identical twin brother duo.
Spitin Image
Click here for a sample!

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Weekly Update: Feb. 15, 2014

The big story of the week here was the severe weather pretty much everywhere but Florida! We had a little rain and wind but hardly worth mentioning. Judy is continuing to take it easy on her knee and I have been playing a lot of shuffleboard. We are going to be changing our focus from relaxation to “road preps” this coming week. Our scheduled departure date (March 6th) is only three weeks away. I have a few loose ends to tie up and Judy is going through our closets and determining what stays and what goes. 
Monday – We said good-bye to fellow RVers Greg and Doris who pulled out on Monday for points West. We met them up at Cherry Point, NC last Oct. They stayed a month here at Adelaide Shores RV Resort. I am sure we will be seeing them again down the road.
Dorris & Greg 

Tue- Judy went with Dee to “Lazy Days” RV Super Center in Tampa for a “convection oven” cooking class. They said it was very informative, not to mention it was FREE.
Wed.- Dee invited us over for a great dinner and a game of “hand and foot”. She and Judy trounced Jim and I, Again.
Friday- We celebrated Valentines at the Jackaranda with Dee & Jim, and Lee & Rosemary. It was a great time. Dee thanks for the pic.
Inline image 1
This week Portland General Electric Parks Coordinator, John, sent us a link for the campground reservation system we will be using so Judy and I can get familiar with it. My prediction is that Judy will have it down in about three days!
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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Weekly Update: Feb. 08, 2014

Another great week here at the park.  Judy and I have kept busy with the scheduled activities.  She went to her follow-up doctor appointment for her knee.  The doctor agreed with her, that it is a good idea for her to give up tennis.  Judy is going to return to the shuffleboard courts Monday!
Monday we headed up to Lake Wales, Fl. to have dinner at Manny’s Chop House with Dee and Jim. The restaurant was highly recommended by many of our friends here at Adelaide Shores RV Resort. The experience sure measured up to the recommendations.
254Manny's with JIm and Dee      254 Mannys
On Wed I played in a Shuffleboard tournament  sponsored by the Avon Park Shuffleboard Club. Eight other teams participated, we finished fourth.
Graham and Tim came to play. (They are from Canada and really enjoy the Florida Winters.)
254 Graham and Tim AP SB
Friday our park hosted the shufflers from Lake Glenada RV Park. Even though the results were lopsided,we won 18 of the twenty games everyone had a good time. You can tell by the jackets it was a little chilly - 54 and windy at 8:15 AM.
Everyone had a good time!
254 AD SB Tourney1    
254 AP L Granaada shufflers
Belated welcome to new follower Jim Sikes.
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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Weekly Update: Feb. 01, 2014

Wow, Ground Hog Day is only one day away!  Where has the year gone?  I have found the days seems to pass faster now that I am no longer in the professional workplace.  Judy and I had a good week at Adelaide shores RV Resort except for her re-injuring her knee while playing tennis, again. That resulted in another trip to the orthopedic care center and her having a MRI on Thurs. She has determined that tennis is no longer an activity she will undertake. The weather has been rainy the past few days, keeping us tethered to the RV mostly.  Since I finished reading “Lone Survivor”, I have been reading book one of “Games of Thrones” that my son, Jason, sent to my kindle via Amazon.

Friday (24th) The park hosted a "sock-hop".
 Music was provided by the Sunshine Edition.
dance 1

Sat. the annual car show returned to Adelaide Shores. Lots of nice looking vintage cars.
Car show 4
           carshow 5

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