Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Time is Flying

Madras OR   H98-L55

Today ends the nice break from high temps. it looks like we are going to be having high temps for the next ten days or so. Sunday marked the beginning of the end for our stay here. We  have  a little less than two months left. Judy and I are getting excited about moving on. We need to start planning our journey back to Arizona. Since we traveled down the coast last year we are thinking about a more inland route. TBD.

Judy and I have began getting some of our medical checks completed. I had my dental check-up yesterday, Judy has hers next week.  We both will be getting our eye exam next week. Since we retired, we have been paying out of pocket for these checks, not this year though.  PGE offered dental and eye care to their temps/seasonal employees and we took advantage of it. Not many companies offer this type of benefits to temps/seasonal employees. PGE also offers health coverage (we use TriCare) and a 401K to temps and the best pay package I have ever seen in workamper circles. Judy and I get our main medical exams in AZ. 

Area Pics

overlook nr project1A     Overlook nr project2A

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day Trip- Movie Madness

Madras, OR    H85  L 45

The heat wave of the past three weeks has broken here in the high desert.  It will be returning I am sure by the end of the month though. It is the high desert after all. Judy and I headed out of the campground Sunday about noon. Our co-host covered the last two hours of our shift so we could get on the road early for the drive to Portland. Thanks Don, Linda and Mick.

We always enjoy visiting with our son because we know he is going to show us something in Portland that casual visitors will most likely not see, not to mention getting to try different eating venues that have their own unique atmosphere. This trip we visited a very interesting movie rental business called “Movie Madness”.  He just happened to visit it a couple of weeks earlier. In addition to specializing in older movies, it also has on display many artifacts, props and clothes from many movies. Jason had mentioned to me a couple of weeks ago that it had the rifle used by John Wayne in the movie “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”(one of my favorite movies). Also on display were items from, Psycho, Wizard of Oz, Westside Story, and many more.

Here are a few pics. Sorry about the reflections in the glass.

       Movie Port 6     Movie Port 1A

Movie port 7A     Movie port 2

Jennifer Lopez’s dress from “Maid in Manhattan.”  Movie port 3A  

movie port 4    Jacket worn by Tony in “Westside Story”

Movie Port 8

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Road Trip- Bend, OR to visit Friends and Concert

Madras, Oregon   H85 L67

Judy and I were invited down to Bend to visit our friends and former fulltime RVers Pam & Vic.  They have been settled in Bend just over a year now.  Their new digs is near the heart of of Bend’s trendy “Old Mill District,” located on the banks of the Deschutes River.

We stopped by Pam and Vic’s home for some catch-up time and to take a look at their home. Not surprising, Pam’s flair for interior decorating is awesome. Pam and Vic have created a warm and inviting patio area that will provide lots of entertaining possibilities.

After catching up, we all headed to the Flatbread Community Oven for Pizza. It was no accident that Pam and Vic chose this venue because it is located just across the river from the Amphitheatre and Sheryl Crow just happened to be performing. We had perfect outside table to enjoy the concert. Wow, what a night. Thank  You so Much, Pam and Vic.

Bend Amptheatre1a       bend snset ampteatre2a

Judy Vic Pam A

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