Monday, July 24, 2017

It Has Been Awhile

Alpen Rose RV Park, Durango, CO.        H 84  L 58

Yes, I know it has been a l o n g time since I have fired up the lap top and written a Blog Entry.  Judy and I have been busy here, and are enjoying our workamping job at Durango’s number one rated RV park. We have gotten in plenty of the numerous area sights and tourist attractions. 

Judy and I look forward to socializing frequently with our workamping colleagues. We don’t need much of a reason to get together!

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 Get2gether1       get2gether2

 Judy has kept her “Pickleball” game strong by playing frequently at the Durango Rec Center. Judy and her fellow workamper friend, Dotti, recently  won the Gold in a tournament they participated in.

PBturnament5      PBturnament4   

Judy’s sister Sheila and her husband Ron were in Durango last week.  It was very nice having them visit us here. Judy and I hope we did a good job showing Sheila and Ron the area. We took a ride to Ouray CO via the “Million Dollar HWY”.  Sheila and Ron quickly understood why it is one of the most dangerous drives in the country.  Click here to learn more about the Million Dollar HWY

mdh3      MDH2


Just a little Maddox news. Our son Jason, an ICU nurse at a major hospital in Portland, Oregon recently joined the US Naval reserve as a LTjg in the Nurse Corps. He is not new to naval service, Jason served five years as an Electronics Technician (ET2)  aboard the submarine USS Rhode Island SSBN 714. Afterwards he earned his BSN from Georgia College & State Univ.

Jason usnr  

Our time here is half over, although it doesn’t seem like it. Only one more major holiday to go. 

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.

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