Friday, October 5, 2012

Dump Day

I have noticed that since being here at Manatee Springs State Park I am sleeping a little later. I am getting up at 6:00AM instead of 5:00 AM. I still get to have my coffee and enjoy a little my time before Judy rolls out of bed around 8:00.  Once Judy got up and dressed we went to Hardees’s for breakfast.  We also made a stop at Wally World and Ace Hardware.
Judy has settled on sitting on the couch when at home on the RV instead of one of the Lazy Boy recliners. She usually folds her legs sort of beneath her but said she would like to “prop” them up sometimes so she thought an ottoman would work.  While we were at Wal-Mart she bought one that also had storage space inside of it. She also picked out a bike. I hope she uses it more than the treadmill at home.
Bike Shopping

Judy settled on the purple one

Once back home I changed into my work clothes because I had a “crappy job” to do.  I wanted to empty our tanks before we start our work week on Friday. The dump station is about a half a mile away.  The Thetford “caddy” worked as designed.  Other than being a little, well maybe a lot inconvenient I think it is going to work for our situation. The caddy is well designed and easy to operate. It has 35 gal. capacity. It was a little difficult rolling/dragging it the 20 feet to my truck because of the sandy soil. The tongue of the caddy has an opening that fits over a standard ball hitch so it can be towed to the dump station.  Most of the trip to the station is on a hard surface road. It was much easier to move around on the paved dump station. The rest of the process was straight forward. I’ll spare you the details.

NOTE: Having trouble uploading PICS - Will add later
The rest of the day was much like yesterday, living the simple life.

That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Good luck with your satellite. We had ours down during the world series last year and had to scramble to find sport bars in football towns who weren't aware a mlb world series was taking place One bar I called when I asked if they would have the world series on he asked if I was talking about the world series of poker! We have been full timing for 3 after selling our house in St. Louis. We have cancelled all plans for tonight to watch the wildcard playoff . Should be a good game...two great teams.

  2. We've wondered about getting a blue boy. It could be handy sometimes. ;-)

    1. Don't purchase one untill you know you will have a need for it. It is something else to have to carry and mine was about $300.00.

  3. I do not understand why Florida state parks can't all have sewer hook ups for hosts. I don't think I would be happy dumping a blue boy every few days.