Friday, October 31, 2014

The National Steinbeck Center

 Wednesday Judy and I took a short trip over to Salinas to visit the National Steinbeck Center. Actually, the area around Monterey is known as “Steinbeck Country”.  I had a nice time viewing the displays at the center and learning more about one of America’s greatest authors. While I have not read all 23 of Steinbeck’s novels, I have read many.

steinbeck portrat    steinbeck home 1

Steinbeck novels       C3MHTE

Steinbeck Center displaySteinbeckCenter_KidsInteractive    steinbeck cannery row      

steinbeck travels with charlie2   John Steinbeck was a RV pioneer!

Judy and I left early enough to visit “Cannery Row” and Fishermen’s Wharf where Judy bought some fresh shrimp for dinner. She used a recipe she found on FB and it was one of the best shrimp dishes we have ever had.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Seventeen Mile Drive

Monterey, CA.

Judy and I took a nice Sunday Drive along the famous “ Seventeen Mile Drive”, through the Pebble Beach area Monday.  It  is a self guided tour through some of the most beautiful coastal scenery along the California coast.  As an added bonus,  the homes along the drive were spectacular.  You know, Clint Eastwood lives very close by.

Pics along the “Seventeen Mile Drive (click to enlarge)

17 mile 3a      17 mile lone cyp1

17 mile bird 2a      17 mile 1a

17 mile tourist 1                                                                       

17 mile 1a      17 mile sea lions1a

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Travel Day – Monterey, CA.

Judy and I pulled out of the Redwood Empire Fairgrounds RV Park under clear skies for the 250 mile pull to the Monterey Pines RV Park. The drive was problem free and light traffic except the portion of travel near San Francisco.

We arrived at the Monterey Pines RV Park at 3:45 PM.  Judy went into the Golf  Clubhouse, which doubles as the RV registration office  and registered .  The office person suggested site 14 so that is the site we took.  It was the best fit for the length of our fiver.  The park is an older park but it does offer 30/50, W/E and sewer. Its location makes it a perfect spot to explore and sight see the Monterey Bay area. The park is a USN FamCamp. Judy and I will be here for a week. It is nice to be in the central CA coastal area and out of the rain pattern of coastal Oregon, and it is only going to get better as we move south.

GGB 1A    Golden Gate Bridge Crossing

Monterey Pines Rv Park

Monterey Pines RVP2A    Monterey Pines RVP 3a 

Monterey Pines RVP 1a

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Travel Day – Ukiah, CA

Ukiah, CA

Judy and I traveled 250 miles south Thursday to Ukiah, CA.   The hitch-up process was interrupted a few times by downpours.  During one of the longer breaks in the rain, we were able to finish hitching and pulled out about 10:00 AM.

The five hour ride south was slow and wet. The rain was mostly steady not heavy.  To make matters worse, once we arrived at Redwood Empire Fair and Events Center RV Park and registered, we pulled into our assigned site and then had to sit out a thirty minute downpour.

The RV park has all the basics but no frills. It is used mostly by RVers who are just passing through except when there is an event. Judy and I are just hanging out for four days. We will be leaving on Monday.  As we have no plans while we are here, our time will be used on watching sports on TV and reading.

NOTE: There is a high winds Advisory in effect for tonight. Sustained winds of 35+MPH and gust of possibly 65MPH. The SAT Ant. will be coming down tonight!

Redwood Empire Fair and Events Center RV Park

REFG 1a        RERG2a

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Drive Through the Redwoods

The day was overcast but it did not keep us from going for a drive through the Big Trees, the Coastal Redwoods.  Judy and I went to the “Red Woods National Park” information center in Crescent City. They were very nice, and one of the Rangers mapped out a nearby drive. Once we left the information center it was not long until we were among the redwoods

Redwoods 1a      Redwoods 2A

Redwoods Judy 3a

Redwoods 3A      Redwoods TRK 1a

Once we finished our driving tour we went to view the Battery Point Light House. The light house was put in service in 1856.  In 1953 the lighthouse was automated. You can read more about it HERE.

Lighthouse 1a      Lighthouse 3a

Lighthouse 2A

Judy and I will be moving 250 miles south tomorrow morning to Ukiah, CA. We hope to get an early start but it will depend on the weather.

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Travel Day – Crescent City, CA.

Yesterday, Tue., we pulled out of Gold Beach, Oregon and pulled the fiver fifty miles south to Sunset Harbor RV Park in Crescent City, CA.  The drive down 101 provided more spectacular coastal scenery. Judy and I have not tired of the rugged beauty.

This will be a short two day stop.  Wed. we are going to take in the giant California Redwoods. Judy can’t wait! She still remembers reading about them in the WEEKLY READER back in the third grade.

The city of Crescent City is another small coastal town.  We are only half a mile from the ocean. After setting up we headed over to the harbor for a seafood lunch. A fellow RVer in Gold Beach recommended that we try the “Chart Room Restaurant”.  It was a great suggestion. Located right on the water and the views were super. Oh, and the food was just what we expected, GOOD. 

A few Pics

Travel Day 10 21 coast A     More Rugged Coast

 These Guys were hanging out near the “Chart ROOM”

Travel Day 10 21 seagull a      Travel Day 10 21 sealions A  

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Travel Plans; Oct. – Nov. 01, 2014

Judy and I have a little over a month to meander south to our chosen wintering park in Apache Junction, AZ.  I usually have our travel itinerary put together well before we head out, but not this time.  A result of not knowing when the repairs to the RV would be completed was not being able to firm up travel plans because I could not come up with firm dates for reservations along the way.

I did have a good idea where the journey would start and end so all I needed to do was decide the points along the way.  Over the past couple of rainy days I firmed up the stops and made reservations. Excluding the 350 miles from Madras, OR via Portland to our current location at Gold Beach, OR. the trip will cover 1,475 miles to Apache Junction, AZ.  Most of the travel will be down the Oregon and California coast.  Judy and I are going to take a small (200 Mi.) side trip to Las Vegas.

Listed below is our travel itinerary:

Oct.  17- 21     Gold Beach, OR.      Turtle Rock RV Park

Oct.  21-23      Crescent City, CA.    Sunset Harbor RV Park

Oct.  23-27     Ukiah, CA.                   Redwood Empire Fairgrounds RV Park

Oct. 27- Nov. 03     Monterey, CA.    * Monterey Pines FamCamp (USN)

Nov. 03- 12      San Luis Obispo, CA.  *San Luis Obispo FamCamp (USN)

Nov. 12-22       Ventura County, CA    * NAS Pt. Mugu, FamCamp

Nov. 23- 30     Las Vegas, NV.          * Nellis AFB FamCamp

Dec. 01          Apache Junction, AZ    Superstition Sunrise Rv Resort

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Journey Down the Oregon Coast

The Cardinal repair work was completed Thurs so we picked it up at Johnson RV Center in Sandy and headed to the Oregon coast. Judy and I were pleased with how well the new door looked. I should have taken a before and after pic. Maybe I will  later.

The 150 mile drive from Sandy to Newport went smooth and we arrived at the Whales Rest RV Park an hour before dark. I was not impressed with the park, but for an overnight stop it was ok. It is getting a little run down.

Friday we continued driving south down HWY 101 along the Oregon Coast.  It rained for the entire 175 mile drive to Gold Beach, Oregon. Even in the rain the coastal views were interesting. I had planned to stay at Port Orford but when I called the RV park I was informed they did not have a site that would work for the forty foot fiver. I quickly called a park listed on my ALLStays App and made a four days reservation taking advantage of my PassPort America membership.  The stay at the Turtle Rock RV Park will be our last four days in Oregon. Gold Beach is a small costal town that caters to tourist. Judy and I dined at Spinners Steak and Seafood Restaurant after getting settled in.

Rainy travel from Newport to Gold Beach

Or Coast 1a    OR Coast Br 1a

Oregon coast 4a

Today we have watched a lot of football after a couple of hours investigating the area.  The weather was very nice with clear skies and upper 60’s temps.  I will be planning the remainder of our travel plans during the next couple of days.

Clear Skies Today

Oregon coast Gold BeachA       Oregon Coast Gold Beach 1A

Oregon Coast Gold beach 2A     Oregon Coast Gold Beach 3A

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Getting back on the Road

Portland, Oregon

The Meandering Maddox's got back on the road Monday after a short stop at Roxy’s Cafe, for one last breakfast. We headed west on US HWY 26 to Portland. I dropped the Cardinal off at Johnson RV Super Center in Sandy, OR to have some repairs enroute. The front cargo door is being replaced and painted, one of the cons to having a full body paint scheme. While there, I discussed having some additional paint damage repaired. I reasoned that since I was at a facility that was capable  of performing the work, I should take advantage of it. So, my initial estimate of $700.00 jumped to $2000.00. Ouch.

Back on the Road       Leaving Pelton Park 1014

Judy and I are staying with our son in Portland until the fiver is ready. I think we will be able to pick up the RV on Wed or Thurs. Once we leave here we will head down to Crescent City, Ca. via the Oregon Coast. We will most likely have a stop or two.

After leaving the land of the California Redwoods Judy and I will meander down the Ca. coast to southern Ca. I will firm up the stops along the way once we head south. Judy and I will winter in the Apache Junction area of AZ.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Slow Cruise on Lake Simtustus

Pelton Park, Lake Simtustus near Madras, Oregon

There  are a number of reasons Judy and I enjoy taking on a seasonal campground position.  Two of the reasons are being in an area long enough to actually experience it and also have time get to know people in more than a casual manner. Two people who made us feel very welcome when we arrived in Central Oregon were Jim and Cindy.

They are the operators of Roxy’s Cafe and Pelton Marina.  The cafe and marina are huge hits with the campers and Judy and I as well.  Not only can you get a great meal there and rent boats, it is the only place in the canyon with internet access via the cafe’s free wifi.  Jim and Cindy have been working almost nonstop throughout the season, but now that the park is closed they are getting to slow down.  Thursday Jim and Cindy treated us to dinner and an evening cruise on Lake Simtustus.  It was the first time Judy and I had been out on the lake. The rugged scenery was awesome. Cindy and Jim were great hosts and pointed out all  points of interest.  Thank you Jim and Cindy for a wonderful evening.

Roxy’s Cafe and Marina

Roxy's Restaurant 1    house boat

Evening Cruise Pics

judy cindy    Judy and Cindy

Capt. Jim simtustus cruise  jim S b

simtustus cruise 2b   Simtustus cruise 1

Simtustus Cruise Judy


      simtustus cruise jim judy

                           The Wedding Cake       simtustus cruise 4b

simtustus cruise 3b      PGE’s Round Butte Dam

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