Sunday, October 21, 2012

Great Weekend

It has been a very nice weekend here at Manatee Springs CG in Chiefland, FL.  The weather has been gorgeous and we returned to Cedar Key Saturday for the Seafood Festival. On top of that we now have TV, at least some TV – networks. Judy can barely contain herself.

The trip to Cedar Key gave us a chance to look at a lot of vendor crafts, not that we bought much. Living in a RV keeps impulse buying to a minimum. Judy did by a gift from Ranger Shirley for one of her dear friends from Virginia. Shirley had a booth with her sister selling quilts they had made.

Ranger Shirley (L) and sister

Lots of craft Vendors

The Beach
On our way back we stopped at a small family owned seafood restaurant. They use local fish supplied by Cedar Key fishermen. Very tasty.
Clam Chowder
Judy and I received a call from the Volunteer Coordinator on Thurs. about a position next fall/winter.She called to offer us a position when we leave here but we already have plans for December and January. We are going to call her Monday to let her know our schedule will work for 2013 fall/winter and get some specific info before we commit. Once we decide I’ll write about it in a future post.

That is all for now, thanks for stopping by.


  1. We finally pulled in CBS. I think I can do without TV as long as I have decent internet. George, not so much. He's watching anything CBS transmits :)

  2. Isn't Cedar Key beautiful? Love it there!

    1. It was very beautiful, and I look forward to maybe taking a fishing trip before we leave!

  3. Glad you got some Tv. We're so spoiled that we're not happy unless we have all our directv channels AND Tivo! We can't stand commercials.

    Sounds like you're having good luck volunteering. Do you find any places that have sewer hook-ups? We would like to volunteer, but don't want to have to use a blue boy all the time.