Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rainy Monday

Most of Monday was overcast and looking like rain. In this part of Florida rain is almost a daily event. The look of rain did not keep us from our comfort station cleaning chores though.

We had six campers and their families checking out on our loop today so we waited later to clean the restroom and showers. Judy and I walked around our loop and checked the campsites of the departing campers around 11:30. All the sites were left in real good condition so we didn’t do much to them in the way of cleaning. The last of our checkouts pulled out of their site just before noon.  The site was left in perfect condition.

We headed for the comfort station to get it cleaned up. We have found if we have more than a couple of checkouts it is better to wait later. We were through by 1:15 PM. We headed back to the RV and took our showers. Judy fixed us a quick lunch- hot dogs, hamburgers, baked beans and chips. I had grilled the burgers and dogs Sat.

The sky had steadily been getting darker and we could hear the rumble of thunder moving closer. Judy did not sleep well so I knew she was going to be taking a nice nap. We finished lunch and Judy went to the bedroom.  I don’t generally take real naps, I just cat nap in my recliner.  After Judy departed to the bedroom I pulled out my kindle and did some reading. I was out under the awning when the downpour reached the CG.  It poured down for a good hour and half. I just continued reading under the awning and stayed completely dry.

Rainy Monday

After it stopped raining I walked around the camping look. I had planned to visit with some of the remaining campers but they must have been out on day trips. One of the female park rangers making her rounds in a “gator” drove over to where I was to visit. She is a very nice young girl. She asked me about my previous naval career and my later career as a teacher. We ended up talking about some educational and career options for her. She hasn’t decided what her next educational degree (Masters) should be in. I gave her some suggestions based on the information she shared with me.  I always enjoy mentoring young people.

By the time I returned to the RV it was 6:30. I was an hour late on waking Judy up.  She did not seem to mind.  At 7:00 PM Judy put the forth Harry Potter – Order of the Phoenix DVD in for our nightly movie.

That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I love rain on the roof..especially the metal one. Also beats the alternative of snow :)