Thursday, December 10, 2015

Update: Dec. 10,2015

Apache Junction, AZ       H72  L55

All is well here in AZ. The weather is great and there is no shortage of sun. Judy and I have been enjoying the activities at the park and making our final preps for moving to Sunland Springs Village in Jan.

I am not writing much about the transition here but will do a complete post once we make the move.  I made the decision not to write about all the efforts we are putting into this move because it would make for pretty boring reading. So why did I write this post, mostly to let you know we are still here.

As our fun activities and day trips pick up I will do more post.

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Update: Thanksgiving 2015

Apache Junction, AZ     H66  L41

Judy and I had quiet Thanksgiving Day. We could have participated with the park Thanksgiving Day program but chose not to. We liked the program much better at Adelaide Shores Rv resort in Florida.  We went to a Golden Corral for our meal and we both enjoyed it a lot. Of course we would have rather been with family and friends.

Thanksgiving with about 500 of our friends at Golden Corral!!

golden corral

We are enjoying our time here in Apache Junction. We both stay busy with activities at the RV Park. Tue. we had the final walk through of the house. Everything is completed and in order. We were scheduled to “close” Wed but there was a paperwork glitch, which has since been corrected.  The new “closing” day is Monday.

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Update: Nov. 15, 2051

Apache Junction, AZ   H72   L53

The past two weeks Judy and I have continued to be mostly occupied with the final phase of our house construction project.  We have met with various vendors lining up follow on projects once we take possession around Thanksgiving.

In the last two weeks, all countertops have been installed, light fixtures and ceiling fans are in, the plumbing fixtures have been installed and major appliances have also been put in. The floors have been finished with tile or carpet and all bath vanities have been installed and all tile work has also been completed in both bathrooms.

Judy and I purchased a refrigerator and washer and dryer this week. Delivery will be after the closing. We contracted with a landscape firm for our yard’s transition. Landscape design is much different than what we are familiar with. After all, this is a desert area.  We also had time to do some fun things too.

Here are a few update pics

cabinetsB     cuntertops2B

foyer     House front 1

Yolanda, a Sears sales rep was a huge asset to Judy and I as we shopped for a refrigerator and washer and dryer.


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PS. Judy and I will be returning for our third season at Pelton Park in Madras, Oregon.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Update: November 8th, 2015

Apache Junction, Az.   H82  L52

I haven’t done an update for the past two weeks because Judy and I have not been up to much.  The final phase of the house construction is in full swing now and we go over to checkout progress daily.

We were notified that our closing/take possession date is the day before Thanksgiving. Judy and I have found the financial process to be much more cumbersome than past home purchases. This is a result of the new regulations since the downturn of 08.

I have played in two Shuffleboard tournaments over the past two weeks.  The first one was the Pre-Western tournament which is a warm-up for the Western Shuffleboard Association tournament the next week.  The Pre-Western is an individual, double elimination based tournament. The Western is a 16 player team based tournament. This is largest shuffleboard tournament in the country. The tournament was hosted by CalAm Resorts. Out of the 400 participates only four won all of there matches over the six day event. I was not one of them.

Pre Tournament Meeting

Western 1      Western 2

Western Tournament Banquet  Western3


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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Update: October 25, 2015

Apache Junction, AZ      H87   L64

It is kind of hard to write the blog as I sit in Mc Donald's listening to one of my playlist (through ear buds of course) and the track “Happy Organ” comes up. I just have to toe tap along and be transported back to Durrs’ skating rink! I know some of you who read this blog remembers those days, but I digress.

Judy and I are very busy keeping track of the house we are having built here.  The construction is entering into the final phase and we go over each day to check on its progress.  We also are busy scouting out furniture options and deciding on major appliances that we will have to purchase like washer/dryer and refrigerator. The stove and dishwasher choices were made with the builder back in April. We must also get landscaping in within 90 days of closing so this is going to be a busy time for us before we head back to our campground job in April. 

People are slowly returning back to the RV park but the routine has not gotten into full swing. I am entered into two shuffleboard tournaments over the next couple of weeks. I am not sure I will be fully up to speed though but I will get some good practice and experience from them.

Here are a few pics of the progress on the house





   cabinets 2

countertops2     countertops1

walk in shower (snail shower) snail shower1

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Back in Apache Junction, AZ for the Winter

Apache Junction, AZ     H97  L75

We arrived back here at Superstition Springs Sunrise RV Resort on the 5th. Judy and I have been very busy so I haven’t had time to do an arrival blog.  We had such an enjoyable stay last year we returned this year.  Last year we did not get here until around Thanksgiving, a full month and a half later. The temps are still high, upper 90’s and low 100’s.  The TV weather are forecasting lower temps by next week. By lower, I mean low to mid 80’s.  The snowbird population is still low but will begin to increase by the first of Nov. A few of our friends from last year have already returned.

What we have been up to

Monday (5th) Arrived back and settled in.  (click pics to enlarge)

SSRVP east A     SSRVP Main ST A


Friday: We went out with friends Peggy and Bill to the Cracker Barrel for dinner.  I should have taken Pics.

Monday (12th): Celebrated our 41st Anniversary

Wed 10     Wed 12

WEd 20

All week: Judy and I have taken care of a lot of business loose ends that are related to our investment property under construction in Sunland Springs Village. The completion date is slated for early Dec. This going to be the major focus of our stay this year.

DSC_1031     DSC_1036

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

National Parks: Arches & Canyonlands

Apache Junction, AZ.  H89 L69

Judy and I have completed our shortened travel season and arrived back at our winter location- Sunrise Superstition RV Resort in Apache Junction. Normally we travel two and half to three months before arriving at our wintering location but business transactions dictated that we get back to AZ earlier this year.

Last year we meandered down the Pacific Coast from Newport, Oregon to Point Magu, CA. before cutting east to AZ. We enjoyed and never tired of the coastline beauty.  This year we took a route further east before we headed south. The landscape was a 180 degree shift from last year, rugged landscapes and deep canyons. The lands were wide open and sparsely populated. The beauty was just as awe inspiring though. Judy and I never tired of it throughout the 1500 miles journey. I am posting pics from Arches and Canyonlands National Parks and Monument Valley. Utah has some of the most dramatic geological land forms found in the United States. Although pics can capture some of the grandeur nothing beats seeing these lands in person.

 Arches National Park, Moab Utah

Arch camel1     Arch camel 2

arches 3 sheep

arch 4     Arch 5

Arch 6     arch 7 

arch 8   arch 9

Canyonlands National Park Moab Utah

canyon 1     canyon 2

canyon 3

canyon 4      canyon 5

canyon 6     canyon 7

Canyonlands Video

Arches Video


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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Caldwell Idaho to Green River Utah

Green River, Utah    H75  L43

I took advantage of the two days stop in Caldwell to have the truck serviced at a local dealership. The service for an oil change and a fuel filter replacement set me back $157.00. When I got back to the RV I wasn’t paying attention to backing in the truck and hit the king pin plate on the fifth wheel damaging the tailgate handle mechanism. I did a quick assessment and decided I could not take a chance having a tailgate that would not open or close. I called the dealership at once to see if they had any louvered fifth wheel style tailgates in stock. As it turned out they had only one and it was for a 2003-2009 Ram 2500/3500 truck. I was in luck as my truck is a 2009. I drove back over and we changed the tailgates out in about 20 minutes. I left $357.00 lighter.


Judy and I continued to our next stop on the travel itinerary, Willard’s Bay SP in Utah. The drive was 340 miles of mostly interstate driving. We planned to stay there for a couple of nights. That didn’t workout either.  We registered with the host and he assigned us a spot.  Once there we set up and discovered the RV’s 50 AMP power cable was inop. I had power at the pedestal to the surge protector. The end of the power cable that plugs into the surge protector was bad. I called the nearest Camping World but they didn’t have any in stock. I informed the host and told him we would have to leave the next AM. He refunded our fee for the second night.  We just made a nice campfire and cooked some hotdogs and had a beer. I used my phone Thurs morning to locate a power cord at a local RV dealer. I purchased a Camco 25foot 50 amp cord for $209.00.


After purchasing the cord Judy and I continued our trek to the next scheduled stop. Actually, we ended up stopping in Green River, UT because we could not get into any CGs or RV parks in Moab.  Green River is about 50 miles northwest of Moab so our drive was shorter.  We needed a shorter driving day after driving through Salt Lake City and Provo. The traffic was not good. Once we finally got through the cities, the drive was beautiful. We decided to stay here for three nights so we could get in a day trip to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. We will be heading out of here Sunday morning. We are not sure where we will be stopping for the night.

HWY 6 UTAH   HWY 6  between Price and Green River

Shady Acres RV Park Green River, UT

shady acres rv green river ut    

Like many towns, Green River is on life support

green river street

I will do a post on our day trip in a few days. I am still sorting the pics.

That is all for now. Thanks for stopping by.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Closed … til April 2016 / Headed South

Caldwell, Idaho  H 85  L 45

Judy locked the gate at Pelton Park promptly at 1:00 PM Sunday ending the 2015 camping season.  It was another enjoyable season here for us and we most likely will be back next season. Judy and I have made many friends here and like Central Oregon. That is not to say that we weren’t ready to head out. Pelton Park is Portland General Electric’s crown jewel park and is full every weekend from Memorial Day until the weekend after Labor Day, that translates to between 240-300 people in the park every weekend.

locking gate 2015 a       locking gate 2015 b

A few days before we closed the park Jim and Cindy, who operate the marina and café invited us out for a dinner cruise on Lake Simtustus. They have decided that after five years it is time to sell out. We are going to miss them immensely. They have been great friends to us. They are building a home up on the canyon rim about ten miles from the park and I know we will be visiting them when we return.

evening cruise 1    Cindy at the helm     evening cruise 2

Jim and Cindy’s new home (under construction) 

Jim Cindy house 1         jim cindy house 2

Monday Judy and I pulled out for our 340 mile pull to Caldwell, ID.  We had great driving weather and traffic was non-existent. Our one night stopover at the Ambassador RV Resort may turn into a two night stop if I can get a service appointment at the local Chrysler dealership Tue. I would like to get an oil change and replace the fuel filter for the truck.

Stopped in a const. zone  Park to Caldwell 1

Ambassador RV Resort #109 ambassador RV 109

Once we leave here we will be going to Willard’s Bay State park in Utah.

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.

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