Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day Trip - Waldo, FL

Thursday Judy and I took a little day trip to Waldo, FL.  Waldo is about 15 mi north of Gainesville and approx 60 miles from the park. We used the trip to check out the Dixie RV Park located there.  When we head back north from our wintering park in Avon Park, Florida we may stay at the Dixie Park overnight. Not much in Waldo aside from an antique mall which seemed to be dead and a notorious “Speed Trap”. No, I didn’t get a ticket. We had planned to have lunch at the Café Risqué but it was “out of business.  Just kidding.

After the 15 minute tour of Waldo and the Dixie RV Park we headed back to Gainesville. I took advantage of being in Gainesville to stop in at Lowes. The bedroom door on the Cardinal when fully open “hits” the curbside wall and it is a matter of time before the door knob damages the wall. Judy has been literally putting a sock or two on the knob.  I went in to Lowes and bought a door stop.

Judy and I never miss a chance to eat out so we quickly decided it was time for lunch. Being near the Univ. of Florida there were many eating establishments to choose from.  We decided on Mexican and drove over to the nearby Chuy’s Mexican restaurant.

It was our first time eating at a Chuy’s.  If you find yourself on Archer Rd in Gainesville near the Univ of Florida and you are craving Mexican food stop in Chuy’s.   The service was better than excellent. Our sever Heather, made us feel so welcome. She even gave us a personal tour.

Chuy's signature sauces
Excellent service was provided by Heather
 Wall Art
Even A Memorial to the "Big E"

That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by.

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  1. We really watched ourselves while traveling through both Waldo and Starke! Glad you didn't get a ticket.

  2. It's so nice to have excellent service at a good restaurant.