Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Getting Acclimated

Monday Judy and I met most of the park rangers as they dropped by our site to introduce themselves to us.  “Shirley” came down to Magnolia 2 to clean the comfort station and sites of campers leaving the park.  Judy and I told her we would assist her so we could get the routine down.
Shirley was glad we volunteered because a large number of campers (10) would be leaving. Usually most campers leave on Sunday.  She informed us that a lesbian group had their annual camping weekend this weekend.  The group had taken all the sites in “Hickory Loop” and the ones in Magnolia were over flow. 

She went over the procedure for cleaning the comfort station and we had it cleaned in about 45 min. The comfort station is the newest one and the smallest. It has 2 stalls, 2 showers and a double sink vanity on each side.  I was surprised that it didn’t have any urinals on the men’s side, it must have been designed by a woman.

Shirley was called away so Judy and I did all the sites as the campers left. We remove any trash in the fire ring and shovel out excess ashes. If it is hot we skip it until it is cold.  On the site we look for trash or fallen limbs and remove them. The last thing we do is rake around the table and camper use areas. We did not find any “trashed” sites so it was mostly a matter of checking each site. The last step is calling in on our radio and reporting that the site is “cleared and clean”.  Pretty simple.

Low Tech

Jolene, the “volunteer coordinator” stopped by to meet us on Tue. She had been my point of contact. She was surprised that we went straight to work. Jolene said most volunteers like to take a few days to recover from travel and to explore the area. She went over responsibilities and gave us our schedule. Wed. and Thur. will be our days off.  She gave us our “Volunteer Hats” to make it official.
Jolene - Vol. Coord. 

It is official (see sign)

We are still learning the area and the park. Judy is still bummed out about not having TV but we are working on that. We found a sports bar “Beef O’Grady” where we can watch the “Braves”. When we went to check it out we found it has only been open a couple of months. The owner, Mark and Stacy, stopped by to speak with us. I told them we would be coming in to watch the Braves. I also told them I had a special request. I asked them if they had a TV that we could watch the Presidential Debate. They told that they could handle that request. So we will be eating “wings” on Wed. night.

That’s all for now, Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I hope you'll be able to get your satellite set up so you'll have your own tv, but at least you'll be able to watch your programs for now.

  2. Sounds like a nice job there. Nice of the local pub to accommodate you so you can get the debate in.