Friday, January 24, 2014

Weekly Update: Jan. 24, 14

Judy and I were busy this week with the administrative task that I recently mentioned.  After a two hour visit to the local Avon Park DMV Judy’s CRV, my truck, and the RV are now titled and licensed in Florida. We also now have Florida drivers licenses and  are registered to vote. Paula, the DMV representative was extremely professional and friendly, making this the most enjoyable visit to a DMV office that I have ever experienced.

Judy joined the Adelaide Shore’s bowling group on Wed. She did pretty good for not having bowled in about thirty years!

Judy and Kathleen are ready to bowl.             Judy in action!!Judy Kathleen          judy bowling

Friday we Joined Jim and Dee for a visit to the National UDT/SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce, FL.

Seal Musem 1      Seal Musem 2

The life boat that Capt. Phillips was held hostage in by 3 Somali pirates.  The pirates were taken out by SEAL snipers and Capt. Phillips was rescued.

S M Life Boat 4

SM Medal 6        P1240014

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Weekly Update: 01-18-13

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We were busy this week taking care of a few administrative matters, firming up travel plans, going to the movies and going to the Tampa RV show (twice).  Judy and I had to break out our cold weather jackets and jeans for two cold weather days – the temps reached freezing Wed. AM.

We have decided to switch our state residency from GA. to FL. Florida has a friendlier taxing policy than GA., which means we will have more money in our pockets at the end of the day. The major expense of the change is the titling of our vehicles and rv ($800.+).  We should have this completed in a week or so. Then we can register to vote, completing the process.

I went to see the movie “Lone Survivor” on opening day. Being an avid military history buff I had read the Marcus Luttrell  (Lone Survivor) book which the movie was based on. For the most part the movie was true to the book but there was some “Hollywooding” up.  Click here for the movie TRAILER.

251 Lone-Survivor cover

Wed. we traveled to Tampa with Jim and Dee to see what was new in the RV world at the Tampa RV Show. There were plenty of RVs to check-out and dream about. Judy and I vowed to keep playing the lotto. We even ran into some RV friends from the road, Nancy and Neil and Howard and Linda. Judy and I got around to finally getting us a wooden RV sign! The sign was not completed by the time we left the show so we returned Friday to pick it up. We already had plans to visit our non-RVing  friends Treva and Bill who live in Tampa so it wasn’t too inconvenient. I think they enjoyed going to their first RV Show.

251 sign kiosk  251 sign
Treva, Judy, and Bill taking a look at a 2.1 million dollar MH! Yes they had to take their shoes off!
251 treva judy bill
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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Good News

Judy and I are glad that the typically warm weather has returned to the Central Florida area. Our daily routines were only affected minimally. This week we have continued our Adelaide Shores RV Resort routine of shuffle board, cards, socializing and just plain taking it easy. Friday Judy returned to the tennis courts and reported that her injured knee performed fine. She also found a new hair salon that she is totally impressed with. That means I don’t have to listen to constant whining between her haircuts, at least for the next couple of months.

I mentioned that we would be having our phone interview for a camp host position in the last blog. Monday, we got the call from Portland General Electric’s reps John and Lindsay. They conducted a very thorough interview with us that lasted an hour or so. We were told that a decision would be made no later than Friday. I liked that because we had not applied for any other positions and I felt I would have time to find something else if this job did not pan out. Judy and I both were confident in our interview performance. We also recognized that being 3200 miles away would not be a positive. We did mention to John and Lindsay that our son lived in Portland, so they knew we did have a reason to come out to the area so far away.

Judy and I waited patiently for Friday to arrive so we would know one way or another. The phone rang at noon (9:00AM PST) and Judy passed my cell phone to me to answer. It was in fact John and Lindsay calling to offer Judy and I the position at the PGE Pelton Point campground near Madras, Oregon on Lake Stimitustus. We expressed our excitement to them and told them we look forward to being part of the PGE team. There are some other requirements that we must meet such as physicals and drug test, but I don’t think those will be problematic. I’ll provide more info as it becomes available.  Judy and I will start our westward trek around March 10th. Our start date is mid April.

Some pics I snagged off of the internet;
250 Pelton CG map     250 pelton cg site
250 cg post card
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Friday, January 3, 2014

Welcome to 2014

It always shows up each year right on time just like clock work whether we are ready or not, so I just go with it. No resolutions for me because I seldom keep them for long anyway. I do usually look forward to the new year though.
2013 worked out ok.  We sold the house in June after a couple of seasons of trying. From that time we started our full-timer phase. So far Judy and I have no regrets and are looking forward to our travel plans for 2014. 
Lk House sum    DBLboatHse1
Sadly, though it means we  will not be able to back to our Blanton Creek campground position for the 2014 season. Judy and I will miss the friends we made there a lot. I am sure we will be stopping in for a visit.
Blanton Creek CG office 2013 B   12 reservation
We made our first long term travel trek from GA. to VA. and finished in FL. from Sept through Nov. We even had to deal with some of the issues on the road that seems to pop up at the most inopportune time. We learned that you just have to keep your wits about you and just deal with it. We all know “stuff happens”.

Fall Travel Route.

Judy and I are resting up here at Avon Park RV Resort in Avon Park, FL until we “hitch-up” and head out to the Pacific Northwest in mid March. We hope we will know if we are going to get a workamper position in Madras, Oregon in a couple of weeks. Our phone interview will becoming up soon. Of course it is not a bad idea to have a back up plan, which we do.

So, while I don’t have any New Year’s resolutions, I do have big plans for 2014. We will have to wait and see if things workout. Judy and I hope your plans for 2014 workout also!

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