Friday, January 29, 2016

Update: Major Projects Completed

Mesa, Arizona    High 70  Low 52

I almost don’t think it is appropriate to mention how nice the weather is here since it has been so bad back east, but here goes, it has been very very nice.  We did have a week or so of poor weather (for here) about two weeks ago.

Judy and I have transitioned to our new digs, and officially moved the fiver from Superstition Sunrise RV Resort Jan. 6th. It was a little sad putting it into the RV storage lot. The facility is within Sunland Springs Village so I have easy access to it. Judy and I lived in the RV almost continually since March of 2012.

During our first four weeks since moving in we completed five major projects that we determined to be essential. The first project was to furnish the house with furniture. We actually started that project in Nov. and still haven’t received it all. The remaining items are scheduled to be delivered Tue. It includes the master bedroom bed.  The other projects that have been completed are the landscaping, walkways/patios, a block privacy wall and a water-softener system. Needless to say, our budget took a major hit. Our neighbors did split the cost of the block wall.  Below are a few pics

front before 1     front after 1

front after 2    front after 3

back 2 before     back after 2

back side 1   back side 2

Judy and I have have also been busy getting involved with activities here. I play shuffleboard at least four times a week and she is taking on pickleball.  We even had time for a Sunday drive  Saturday, didn’t want to miss football on Sunday.

judy pickle ball 2

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Note: I have been having a heck of a time posting blogs for quite awhile. Just found out that Windows live Writer is no longer being supported by MS. It has been made available as an “Open Sourced” program. Anyone else having difficulty?

Friday, January 1, 2016

The Duttons and The Force Awakens

Judy and I treated ourselves to a very enjoyable entertainment filled weekend. This was the first time since arriving back in AZ that we have taken advantage of the many entertainment opportunities in the area. 

Saturday we went to see "The Duttons Show".  We went tosee the last year also.  The group has a theatre in Branson, MO. They come to AZ for the winter and perform here.  They have quite a story, it is worth googling. 

On Sunday we joined many other movie goers in viewing "Star Wars - The Force Awakens.  Judy and I did enjoy seeing the movie, probably owing mostly to nostalgia! I bet there are many more episodes in the works.

Star Wars trailer

That is all for now. Thanks for stopping by.

Note: I am having issues with "Blogger" , don't know when I will post again.