Monday, July 29, 2013

Unsheduled Visit to Milledgeville

When Judy and I started our off week last Tue. we were planning  a  lazy relaxing week here at the park.  I am all in for Lazy and Relaxing.

On Wed. Judy did her monthly self exam and didn't like the results. She called me in to confirm that she had in-fact felt something and I agreed that there was something there. Our next scheduled visit back to Milledgeville wasn't until Aug. the 22nd when we go for our dental appointments. We discussed waiting until then but I knew she would worry until then so I suggested she call her doctor and see when they could work her in. The said they could get her in Friday.

I called my sister to see if we could stay with her Thur through Sat. Her and her husband seem to always like for us to visit. We always have a good time visiting and watching the Braves!

Judy and I went for her appointment Friday morning. The Doctor examined the lump and also had Judy get a mammogram. The doctor and the tech said they did not think it was anything to worry about. It will also be looked at by another pathologist and a more definitive result will be generated. Judy left the Doctor's office more confident that there aren't any problems. It is always better to err on the side of caution.

After leaving the Doctor's office we drove Oconee National Forest office and purchased a "Senior Pass".  We were surprised when we arrived at the office and found that the receptionist was one of our friends from our motorcycle riding days. Cheri was as surprised to see us as we were to see her! Before we left the Ranger tried to get us to take a "host" position. We had to decline the offer.

While in Milledgeville Judy got a call from one of her friends from our former neighborhood inquiring as to when Judy would be back in Milledgeville and was surprised when Judy told her we were in M'Ville. Virginia asked Judy to stop by and see her before we returned to the park. Judy stopped by Virginia's on Sat. Virginia gave Judy a very nice "Welcome" sign to stand outside our RV to welcome visitors. I already have it set up! Thanks, Virginia!!

Thanks, Virginia

We returned to the park on Sunday. Unless something comes up we are going to just take it easy until we report for duty Tue evening.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Checking Out a New Park

Judy and I finished up our work week last night.  We had a very good week and now only have three more work weeks left. The six month stint has moved rather quickly.

We took care of our grooming needs this morning.  Judy is very pleased with her hair stylist so I also had her cut my shaggy hair too.  Judy wishes she had met Brenda a lot sooner.

After we finished with our errands we decided to go check out a nearby COE campground on West Point Lake.  It is located just a few miles off I85 around exit 2 in West Point, GA.  It is situated along 35 miles of the Chattahoochee  River and has 500 miles of shore line. Four large campgrounds are located within the project. Here is the official link, CLICK. As with most COE campgrounds there are lots of things for active people to do.


Driving across the dam

This guy was moving SLOWLY

Random site

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Making Future Plans

Things have been slow most of this week.  We must be entering into the "Dog Days" of summer because I don't want to do much of anything.  The park is very quiet also. attendance is below 50% this weekend.

Judy and I have been firming up our fall travel plans and have scaled back a little.  We had loosely planned to head up to New England, maybe making it to Maine but we have scaled back and now plan to only travel as far North as Virginia. We hope to make it to the Tidewater area where we lived during most of the time I was in the Navy and to Bedford, VA. where we lived and I taught at the Middle School for seven years after retiring from the Navy. We have friends in both areas whose friendship means more to us than they probably realize. After leaving VA. we will meander south arriving back to  Adelaide Shores RV Resort in Avon Park Florida around Dec. 01.
Bedford Middle School

Our long range plans will most likely include heading out west next travel season. I am sure Oregon will be in those plans. Judy and I like the structure that volunteering or workamping offers so we hope to find a position during some of that time. So, if you have any recommendations for OR, WY, MT, WA, ID let us know. As things firm up I will update here.

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

LaGrange GA - Movie

Saturday Judy and I woke up with no firm plans. We had been discussing going to Atlanta for a Brave's game but had not settled on a date.  As we were sitting around I half hardily ask her if she wanted to go to the Brave's afternoon 4:00 PM game and she said yes.

We got on the road around 12:30. We made a lunch stop about half way between Atlanta and the campground. While we were stopped for lunch I checked the weather on my phone using its WeatherBug App. It displayed a lot of rain tracking from the east towards Atlanta. We discussed the prospect of being at the game when the rain arrived and neither of us liked that possibility.

We checked the location of the nearest movie to us and found that we were within twenty miles of a Carmike 10 located in La Grange GA. Judy and I rationalized that we would rather be at a movie if and when the rain arrived. I quickly programed our GPS and we were off to the movies. La Grange is a smaller city approx. 25 miles north of the CG. I had to back track since we were already north of the city. It is named for the birth city of Lafayette of the American Revolutionary War fame.

Judy and I had not seen the latest Superman flick - Man of Steel so we went to see it. I am sure by now most readers of this blog have seen it. We both enjoyed the movie..

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Search for the leak Continues

I still have not been able to seal the small leak on the Cardinal but I am sure I'm getting closer.  Ed, my cohost here at the park is also having some RV issues. His AC has been out for about a week. The motor went out on it and he ordered a new one. He has been installing it for the past couple of days. I volunteered to be his go-fer and safety observer. We got a late start on the installation Wed. morning and before long the temps were approaching  90+ degrees and extremely high humitidy.  After about an hour Ed determined it was time to get off the top of his RV and to get an earlier start Thurs AM. It was a lot cooler and Ed finished the installation in less than a hour. I am sure he will be enjoying the AC.
Ed installing an AC motor

We took a short break and then re-caulked some of the front molding on my RV. I hoped it would put an end to the small leak but it didn't. Today when the afternoon rains started Judy and I saw just a little leakage. I'll continue the quest to find the leak Fri.


I received an Amazon gift certificate from my son for my birthday a few weeks back.  Today I decided to order me a Kindle Fire HD today.  The price had dropped $30.00 since I last checked a couple of days earlier. I decided $169.00, down from $199.00 was a reasonable price. I already have a  basic Kindle.

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

The 4th of July weekend

One word can be used to describe the 4th of July weekend here at Blanton Creek Park - WET.  The weekend began on July 3rd and so did the rainy weather. The local fireworks display at the dam took place as scheduled on Wed. night even though the rain was steadily falling. The only way to get to the fireworks display is by boat so we expected a lot of boaters to use our boat ramp, but that did not happen. Judy and I kept the gate open an extra hour and a half until 10:30 PM just in case there were some stragglers leaving the park late after the fireworks display.

All of the sites were reserved for the holiday weekend  and all of the campers showed up! Judy and I expected mass cancellations. The weather did keep the campers a little subdued.  I did notice that the rain didn't keep the campers from socializing with their fellow campers in the evening hours under the protective cover of the awnings.

Here is a pic of a fire ring I took this morning on my first round. Some campers just don't get the fact that metal and glass don't burn or they are just too damn sorry to put trash in the proper receptacle!!

Some campers try to sneak two tents onto a site, but only pay for one. This is after they have already been informed that only one tent per site is allowed unless an additional fee is charged!

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Slow week off

Our week off has been slow, the way we like it.  Judy and I traveled back to Lake Sinclair to stay a couple of days with my sister Faye and brother-in-law, Bill. They seem to be glad to have us visit.  I dropped the Cardinal off at RV Rovers to have the roof washed/conditioned and re-chaulked while we were away.

Judy and I returned Friday so I could pick-up the RV and get it set back up at the park.  The roof on the RV looks very good.  I had hoped that the re-chaulking would take care of the leak but it didn't.  Today, Monday, I will try again to find the water entry point. I am sure it will be an easy fix once I find it.
Roof cleaned and conditioned

Judy and I have a real busy week ahead of us here at the park.  We just want to get the 4th of July week behind us. Every camp site is reserved through next Sunday.  After the 4th of July week we will only have four more work weeks left here. Judy and I will have to decide where we will be going after Labor Day.  Our next scheduled stay is Avon Park, FL beginning Dec. 01. I am sure we will come up with somewhere nice for the three months in between.

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