Thursday, October 18, 2012

Political Day

Judy and I had today off so we took a sixty mile drive to the city of Ocala. I heard on the radio yesterday that Vice Presidential candidate Congressman Paul Ryan would be having an event in Ocala Thurs. I asked Judy if she would like to go and she said it would be a great opportunity.

We got up a little earlier than we normally do because we thought we should be at the event site at least two hours early. I thought it would be best if we had breakfast on the fly, so we went to the McDonald’s drive though in Chiefland.  The drive was very easy.  We were parked by 9:30 AM less than 3 blocks from the event site. Judy and I were in the security line by 9:45.  I think we were seated by 10:15. Judy and I were very pleased with our seats. The atmosphere was very pleasant and we enjoyed talking with others seated around us.  The program started close to on- time at 12:00
Waiting in line
Best Sign

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Vice Presidential candidate Congressman Paul Ryan

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  1. The good thing about hearing it in person is you do not have to listen to those idiot commentators afterwards:)

  2. Interesting. I have never been to a live political event. I agree, would be better to see in person than to listen to all the commentators (and debate moderators!)