Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pelton Park Is Open for the 2014 Season

The Park opened to the public last Friday the 25th.  The days before Friday were mostly “get the final touches completed” days.  On Friday we had nine of the sixty six sites rented. Mostly, it was folks here to do some fishing.  They were quick to pick up on the fact that Judy and I “were not from around here.” The campers have been very friendly to both of us, making us feel very welcome.

Judy and I took a drive to Redmond, the nearest town with a WalMart. It is located 35miles south of the park. It was our first drive south of Madras and we were taken with the scenic beauty. We will be taking our camera the next time we go so we can post some pics.  We did stop at a “scenic overlook” and take a couple of pics with our phones.

                                                     Heed the sign!!

Crooked river OL 1       Crooked River OL 2

We both like our work schedule because we seem to have plenty of time off even though I am working forty hours. Unlike, Blanton Creek park, we  don’t have to be on site 24/7. Once our shift is over we have time to drive into Madras or just relax at the RV. Judy really likes being able to enjoy time off at the RV.

On the Job – Putting Ikea furniture together for the new cabins

Cabin Furn 1       Cabin Furn 2

cabin Furn 3

On one of our days off last week we drove back to Portland to pick up a new lap top at Best Buy and an external hard drive to back up all of our files.  My laptop is almost five years old and has been acting up of late.  I also purchased two new batteries for the truck, the $300.00s for the batteries made me wince.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Week One at Pelton Park

Judy and I have completed our first week at the park.  Judy is working in the office between 28 and 32 hours per week taking reservations and collecting fees and I am working a forty hour week doing maintenance.   This week my co-worker Jim and I have been getting the park ready to open to campers the 25th.  Judy has been learning the reservation system from Lynne, her co-worker and taking reservations for the upcoming system.  Each couple will have two days off per week. Judy and I will be off Wed. and Thurs. We both like the park and are looking forward to working with Jim and Lynne this season.

Here are a few pics at the park

Judy Reservations 1      RV Site

YomeYome   Yome 2

                New Cabin  Cabin

There is a marina here at the park that has a nice restaurant. I did not think we were going to have any internet service but I have found out that I can use the marina’s wifi system. 

Marina Pics

Roxy's Restaurant 1       Marina 1

                                  Sign Marina

Saturday we drove to Portland to see our son, Jason.  We last saw him a year and a half ago and it was nice visiting with him.  Sunday morning we went to Pine State Biscuits for breakfast. If you are in Portland and want a nice breakfast treat  check Pine State Biscuits out.  We enjoyed our 90 mile scenic drive to Portland. The drive on HWY 26 took us very close to Mt. Hood.

Pine State Sign      Jason Judy Pine State

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We Made it To Pelton Park

Judy and I left Caldwell, Idaho last Sat. for the final 325 mile leg of our 3500 mile trek from Avon Park, FL. to Madras, Oregon.  Only 30 miles of the final 325 miles was interstate hwy, the rest was hwy 26 through the mountains of central OR. There were times the going was tedious pulling a forty ft. fifth wheel but the scenery was always beautiful.

HWY 26

Oregon1      Oregon2

We arrived at the park mid afternoon and found the park and its setting to be breath taking. The park is located in a canyon with very steep walls and on Lake Sistustus.  We think we are going to enjoy our time here.

We met Jim and Lynne our co-workampers and the showed us to our RV site. Judy and I like the site a lot since we got a SAT TV signal with no problem.  The down side to living at the bottom of a 400 ft canyon is no cell service. That also means no internet service because we also use cellular for our mifi. So, I will only be able to post when we go into Madras. It looks like about once a week.

We Made It

pelton sign

DSC_0335     DSC_0334


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Friday, April 11, 2014

Last stop before Madras, Oregon

Caldwell, ID

Judy and I are only one more travel day to Madras, Oregon.  We ended our three day stay in Heyburn, Id this morning at 8:30 when we pulled out for the 190 mile pull to Caldwell, ID.  The drive was uneventful and we pulled into The Ambassador RV Park at 1:30.  I would have preferred to drive another seventy miles or so to decrease our drive tomorrow but I did not see any CGs to stop at once I pick-up HWY 26.

Ambassador RV Park is located about twenty miles west of Boise. It is a true RV resort with all the amenities. It is affiliated with the G7 RV resort group. Too bad we will not be here long enough to put some of the amenities to use. I didn’t unhitch the RV so we will be able to leave quickly in the morning.

The Ambassador RV Resort 

Abassador CG 1           Ambassador CG2

Ambassador CG3

Judy and I are just going to watch the Braves game and watch a little TV.  Our drive to Madras tomorrow will be about 325 miles.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Day Trip–Shoshone Falls

Today Judy and I took advantage of our last day of just hanging out in Heyburn, ID. with a day trip to Shoshone Falls.  The falls are located very near Twin Falls, Id. on the Snake River.  The only reason we even found out about it was that Mary, the park owner gave Judy a copy of a local visitor’s guide and she read an article about it. It was about a thirty minute ride on I 84W and another eight mile drive off the interstate.

We stopped at the gate into the park and the attendant told us a little history of the falls. When I went to handover the $3.00 entry fee, he asked if we had a parks pass. I told him we had a “ Senior Pass”. He said there would be no charge! What a deal. We  thanked him and continued down the curvy road to the observation park.  There were some picnic areas, trails, and observation stations. It was an impressive view.

The falls drop 212 feet, 45 higher than Niagara Falls. I suppose that is why it is referred to as the Niagara of the West. If you would like more information including geographical history, click HERE.

SFalls1          SFalls 3


SFalls 2

Judy and I will be traveling to Ontario, Oregon tomorrow. We will only be stopping for Friday night and leaving early Sat. for the final 250 miles or so to Madras, OR.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Travel Day to Heyburn, Idaho

Judy and I got a late departure from Colorado Springs due to a early morning snow shower for the 750 mile ride to Heyburn, Idaho.  We initially canceled our departure due to the snow but it had stopped snowing by 8:15 AM and the skies began clearing so we decided to hitch up and leave.  By the time we reached Denver the skies were totally clear. It was a bit WINDY though. 

Delayed departure from Colorado Springs USAF Academy FamCamp

USAF Academy Departure 1      USAF Academy Departure 2

We did not reach our scheduled stopping point, Rock Springs, WY (432 miles) until 7:40 due to our late departure. We pulled into the Wal-Mart there and found several RV’s there already. Judy and I went inside and picked up a few things and then called it a day.

Driving in Wyoming

WY R VIew 4     WY road view 1

Judy and I pulled out of Wally World at 5:15 and continued west on I80. After leaving Wyoming, our journey included Utah and Idaho. The temps ranged from 24’ to 72’ when we arrived in Heyburn, ID.  Once we got over the mountains in Utah it warmed up rapidly.  Since we got an early start today we had covered the 325 miles by 12:30.  After the long drive yesterday a short drive was welcomed by both of us. I used my Allstays APP to find a Rv park.  The Country RV Village is located just off I84. It is a nice park to stay in after a day’s travel. The park is very clean and neat with many nice long pull throughs. The cost of the stay is $27.00 with a discount. Judy and I changed our overnight plans for a three night stay.  We adjusted out stay longer because we changed out arrival date at Pelton Park from Thursday until Sat. In doing so, we will arrive at the park the same day as our coworkers.

Daybreak diesel top off

TA Day Break

Driving through Utah

Utah 3     Snowy PKs Utah 1

Site 13 Country RV Village, Heyburn, ID

Country RV Village site 13 Heyburn ID

Judy has already scheduled a day trip for Thursday to Shoshone Falls and Dierkes Lake. I am going to use the down time to get the oil changed in the truck tomorrow.

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PS – Always make sure all cargo doors are secure, especially when it is windy!

Ouch Front Basement door

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Travel Day to USAF FAM CAMP- Colorado Springs, CO.

We made most of our travel preps Friday evening so we could get an early start Saturday for the 400 mile trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado. All we had to do Sat. morning was to disconnect from shore power and put the slides in.

Friday morning we met with Sonjia and Bob, workampers at the Texas Ranch RV Park where we had been staying for the past week to discuss workamper opportunities for the future. They shared a lot of info that we may look into for future workamper jobs. Thanks again Sonia and Bob.

Sonjia Bob Judy Amarillo   Sonjia, Bob, and Judy –Thanks for Sharing!

Judy and I took mostly US/State HWY roads up from Amarillo into Oklahoma and Colorado, only driving the last fifty miles or so north on I25 to Colorado Springs. We arrived at the Fam Camp CG at the USAF Academy at 4:20PM. We picked up an hour with the time zone change. The CG is very nice. I am sure we will be back when we can stay longer and take advantage of the things the area has to offer. My next post will focus on the CG. I haven’t had time to get out and take any pics. 

Pics from The Road

Wind farm TX        Mesa TX B


Site 57 USAF Academy Fam Camp USAF Academy site 57

After setting up we headed out for dinner. Judy said she was in the mood for an Italian meal.  I pulled into the Olive Garden and Judy checked to see how long the wait would be. She came back and got back in the truck and said the wait would be in excess of 40 min.  She then suggested we just grab some fast food because she didn’t want to wait and we could come back Sunday earlier so we wouldn’t have to wait. I drove to a nearby Steak and Shake. There were a lot of people there but we went in anyway. Once in, we were informed that there would be a 30 min. wait! I was surprised that there was a wait at a hamburger joint but the thing that surprised me more was that they pass out those vibrating things to inform you when a table was ready. We waited because we don’t mind waiting for really good food!!

CO Spgs Steak Shake

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day Trip to the Cadillac Ranch & RV Museum

Judy and I continue to hang out in Amarillo, killing time before we head north up I25 and cooler weather. It is giving us the time to see some local attractions that you don’t have time to see when you just pass through. Wed we visited the “Cadillac Ranch and Jack Sisemore RV Museum.

Most people visit the Cadillac Ranch for the same reason people climb mountains, because it is there. The last time I stopped by was in 2007 when my son Jason, and I took a two week Harley road trip to ride in the Rockies. If you would like to know the backstory of the Cadillac Ranch Click Here.

Cadilac Ranch 1 impres effect    Cadilac Ranch 2

We just happened to pick up a pamphlet in the park office about the Jack Sisemore RV Museum. I goggled Amarillo Attractions and found it to be one of the highest rated tourist sights. Once we arrived we found that it was located on the back lot of the Jack Sisemore RV Dealership. It was well worth visiting. If you are ever in Amarillo I recommend that you check it out. It includes an excellent display of many Harley Davidson classic motorcycles.

jack-sisemore-traveland     car museum static 1

RV Museum bus

Car Museum Air Strm      car museum pu camper

car museum winni sign

RV Museum winni 1       car museum winni interior

car museum vw

car museum static 2     carmuseum static 3

Saturday will be a travel day to Colorado Springs, Colorado

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