Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Leaving the Nest

It has been about two weeks since I posted a new entry, not much has been happening at the park.  Judy and I have continued to be very busy.  The temps have been close to ninety for the last week.  We have been informed that a local couple has been offered a job but it will be at least two or three weeks before they will complete the hiring process.  On a good note, the wildfires near the park are mostly contained.  We still observe helos ferrying water to the fire locations daily.

I noticed yesterday that two baby Ospreys have began their flying training.  I have been seeing them sitting in the nest on a platform near the dam for a couple of months.  I did not actually see them flying but they had to have flown to the pole that I saw them perched on.  The pole is at least 70 yards away from the nest.

From here osprey platform  

                             To Here        osprey 2

Mom kept a close watch

osprey 4       oprey 5

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Friends,Fires and Christmas in Central Oregon

This week Judy and I got a nice visit from RV Full-time friends Dee and Jim (Tumleweed).  The last time we saw them was March 6th when we left Adelaide RV resort in Avon Park, FL. We sure enjoyed seeing them.  Judy and I showed them some of the area sights and visited a FEW of the local eateries. We were sad to see them leave but we are confident that we will see them again “down the road”.

Jim and Dee  Jim and Dee Madras

Central Oregon has been plagued by wildfires this week, at least three are currently burning. Two are within 25 miles of Pelton Park. A lot of smoke and ash are the only negative effects on the park so far. this weekend all campfires have been banned. Some of the state parks closer to the fire have been evacuated and closed.  We have seen helos ferrying water to the fires. Judy received a call from a lady who had camped at the park and she told Judy if we had to evacuate the park she offered us a place on her property to set up on. We thought was such a nice gesture and offer.

Lots of Smoke and Ash

fire 1      Fire 3

Christmas came early at Pelton Park. For the past fifteen years a group has come to celebrate Christmas in July, complete with decorations and festivities. Judy and I will look forward to seeing them back next year.

Christmas in July   

 Christmas in July 1     Christmas in July 2

Christmas in July 3

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Fourth of July

Pelton Park- Madras, Oregon

This post is a week late but since this is our travel journal I wanted to include it for the record. I also did mot wish to include the event of the third of July with it.

Needless to say the park was filled to capacity and Judy and I were very busy.  Even though the beer and wine flowed freely the campers only needed a couple of warning after quiet hours. Judy and Rose took care of the kid’s activities which included all the kids getting a picture button (hugely popular) to commemorate the holiday. 

I was volunteered to lead the Kid’s Pet parade through the park.  Many of the kids dressed their pet in costumes for the event.  One young fellow (7 yrs) had two knee high braces so I had him ride with me in the “Gator”.  I instantly became his best friend.

Judy and I enjoy seeing everyone having a great time here at the park. We were not disappointed because it was clear that a “good time” was had by many. 

The Fourth of July (2014)

4th of July 2014 (1)      4th of July 2014 (6)

Dogs and Kids are attracted to Mr. Jim! (They presented me with a “Coke” with “Friend” inscribed on it.)

July 4 a       july 4 b

Thanks Steve   casadea 2 casadeas at PP

A different way to transport a float to the lake!  july 4 float

At the end of the weekend we were happy to have the sunsets to ourselves!   Sunset 7 14 a 

                                                              sunset 7 14 b

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

How important is Knowing CPR

Judy and I found out Thur how important it is to know how to administer CPR and be ready for a medical crisis. We also were reminded how fragile life is.

We are still shorthanded here at the park and other PGE temps are filling in some for us.  Thursday Judy and I left the park to pick up some groceries in Madras and also just to have some away time. If  we don’t make ourselves leave the park we would be working 24/7 now that we are down a host couple. If we are at the park we work even though we aren’t on the schedule officially.
Thur. when we arrived back at the park, Rose, one of our fill-in host was working in the office. Thirty eight check-ins were expected.  Once back I helped Judy get the groceries out of the truck and she said she was going to the office and help Rose, once she got things put away. I headed on over to the office and asked Rose if she needed me to do anything.  She asked me to drop off a bundle of firewood in the park, so I headed out. 

About fifteen minutes later Judy called me on the walkie-talkie and said there was a woman at the office who was not breathing. I asked if she had carried out the emergency protocols and she said yes. I headed back to the office.

Before Judy arrived at the office a man had walked into the office and told Rose that his wife had stopped breathing about 2-3 minutes before he had arrived at the office. Rose had immediately notified the park control center (at the dam) and called for an ambulance and went out to render aid. Rose found that two park campers had already gotten the woman out of the truck and were already involved with CPR. Judy arrived then and saw what was going on and heard someone say the lady did not have a pulse so she ran back into the office and called the control center and requested that they send a defiberator  over.

The two campers performing CPR were a RN and an EMT tech. It took five minutes for the defiberator to be delivered  to the site. The nurse and EMT followed all of the machine’s preprogrammed instructions; opened the two lead pads and attached them to the woman’ s exposed chest. The machine completed  its initial analysis of the the patient’s condition and directed all to stand clear and ordered an electrical shock.  It did another analysis and directed a new round of CPR. This continued another ten minutes until the EMTs from Madras arrived and they took over.
Judy and I had closed off traffic to the park and kept the area clear of curious campers.  The town EMTs had removed our equipment and connected theirs. After three more electrical shocks she was transported to the Madras hospital twenty miles away. We got word an hour latter that she did not make it.

Judy was clearly shaken by the experience and questioned whether she would have been able to handle the situation if she had been at the office alone. I thought about the fact that at age of 64 I had never witnessed the actual death of another person.

Do you know how to perform CPR?  The situation may arise no matter where you are and without warning. 

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*I purposely did not take pictures of this event.

*If you are looking for a workamper position in the Oregon area send me an email for details.