Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Ending Summer

My how time has flown, here we are celebrating the traditional end of summer-Labor Day Weekend. This is the last weekend that Blanton Creek Park will be open and the end of our workamper time here. Judy and I will be staying here in "chill" capacity after we shut the gate at 9PM Labor Day until Sun. Sept. 8th. We will use the week to get all of our travel preps done.

The park is at near capacity with 49 of the 51 sites rented. We were busy checking campers in most of Friday afternoon with the last straggler showing up at 9:45 PM. Many of our regulars are here this weekend. Judy and I will be sharing the news with many of them that we won't be returning next year. Like any job it is sad to say good-bye. We thought about not mentioning  we would not be back next year but decided that would not be the right thing to do. Many campers have certainly made us feel welcome here.

We were surprised when Andy (Outdoor Univ.) called and told us he would be bringing us dinner and visiting with us awhile at the office. Andy has been a great friend throughout our time here.
Andy stopped by with dinner for us from "Hunters Pub" (including 3 different desserts)!

The "Big One Didn't Get Away! (Hybrid Bass AKA as Striper)
Dusk at Lake Harding

Time to head home.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Out for a Swim and Getting a Little Sun

Judy and I left the park last Wed to return to Milledgeville for our scheduled semi-annual dental check-up. We have had to make the trip to Milledgeville for the past three weeks due to Judy's unscheduled checks along with this latest dental appointment. With a little luck we won't have to return to the area until our doctors appointment in Nov as we head south to FL.

While we were gone from the park some of our most reclusive guest came out of the shadows.  Luckily a couple of our guest were able to get a  pictures and share them with us.  We knew they were here we just had not seen them.

Out for a swim
Just Getting a little Sun 
 Judy and I will work our last week here at Blanton Creek beginning Tue. evening.  We are ready to be moving on.
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gray, Dreary, and Boring

Gray, dreary and boring are the best adjectives to describe the last four days here at the park.  It rained and rained and then rained some more!  The park was almost deserted from Thurs through the weekend.  Most of the calls we received at the park were campers cancelling their weekend reservations.
Tent area Saturday at 4:30PM - Empty and the night light is already on.

Only empty sites, not a good weekend!

We mostly sat at the office watching TV or reading. The Atlanta Braves had a game each evening or afternoon so that was what we looked forward to.  I think this was the slowest weekend since we opened back in March.  We are now down to only one more work week -Labor Day weekend. Unless it is raining then we will be busy, busy, busy. It would be easy to wish for rain but that would not be nice. I am sure the campers are excited about camping the last weekend of  the summer season, we always were.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Good Report

Judy and I returned back to Blanton Creek Park Tue. after Judy's follow-up check. We didn't know how long we would be at the out patient center at Coliseum Hospital because Judy had two procedures scheduled. The first was a ultra sound of her breast. The second one was a biopsy if the ultra sound indicated a further need.

Thankfully, the ultra sound did not show anything that warranted the biopsy. The doctor told Judy to continue her self checks and keep currant with yearly mammograms. So, we took a BIG sigh of relief!

We are on our next to last work week here. Judy and I will be leaving here in about three weeks, we are ready.

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Way too Much Eating Out

Judy and I have been going a little overboard during our week off eating out. Maybe it is because we have time to get out a little this week since we aren't working.

On Tue we joined two of our friends from the park for an Italian dinner at a local restaurant.  We met Keith and Merle here at the park last year. They live nearby and bring Suzie, their Yorkie to walk at the park just about everyday. They invited us to join them for dinner and then drinks at their house. They have a lovely home and Keith has put his wood working skills to good use making a number of pieces of furniture. I sure wish I had taken some pics.

 Merle, Suzie, Keith

Last Sat we had the pleasure of meeting Fred and Patti. Fred is volunteering at FDR state park and Patti lives and works in LaGrange about 35 miles away. Fred is looking for a new gig but Blanton Creek won't fit since it requires a couple. They told us about a lot of good places to eat at in LaGrange. We ended up joining them Thur night at the Brickhouse Grill in downtown LaGrange. The food was good and the company was great. Judy and I had a great time.

Judy told Ed and Char that she was going to treat them to a home cooked meal Friday. Friday is usually pretty busy after 3:00 PM with check-in so Judy had the meal cooked and delivered over to the office at 1:00 PM. We hung out in the office so they could eat without having to answer the phone or handle in check-ins.  Ed and Char have been great co-host during our two seasons here at the park.  We saved dessert until that evening and then had a little ice cream social!
Chef Judy

Ed and Char

Judy holding the fort down

I almost forgot to mention that we even ate out again Saturday when we were enroute back to Milledgeville. We met her brother and sister along with their families in Macon for a get together dinner. It was great getting to be with them again.

Judy and I are back in Milledgeville now staying at my sister's. Judy will be going back for her follow up appointment Tue. I'll keep everyone informed once we know the results.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Travel Itinerary Completed (mostly)

Judy and I finished up our work week here at the park yesterday around 5:00 PM when Ed and Char took the reins.  We also made it official that Judy and I would not be returning next year. We are sure going to miss the park and all the good people we worked with. I'll write more about that after Labor Day. Now, with the house sold, we want to travel out west next year.

Judy and I were busy over the last week working to fill-in a travel plan to use once the park closes Labor Day. We are planning on staying on here until Sept. 8th. The Braves are playing an early afternoon game on the 4th and we wanted to get in a game before we leave the area. I'll use the remaining four days to get the 5ver ready to travel.  I left a couple of "holes" in the plan but will fill them in as we go. Like the first travel week, we are leaning on going to the Knoxville/Gatlinburg, TN area enroute to Bedford, VA. but haven't made a final decision. Below is our plan as it stands today.

September – December Travel Itinerary

 08-14              Open
15- 22              Smith Mountain Lake SP    Bedford, VA.: Many friends in the area, lots of history

22- 25              Travel - not sure, will fill-in later

25- 29              Cheatham Annex Naval Weapons Station Yorktown, -  Jamestown  Williamsburg,   

29 – Oct. 13     Dam Neck, VA. Beach, VA: - Many friends, beach and surf fishing
13 – 20            Cherry Point, NC -  MCAS famcamp
20 -  27            Sun Set Beach, NC  “Wishing Well” CG

27 -  03 Nov.    Myrtle Beach, SC.     Huntington Beach SP  - TumbleWeed, Laurie & George
03- 30              Macon/ Milledgeville, GA area  - Dr. appointments, Family time
01- 31              Avon Park, FL.           Adelaide Shores RV Resort

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Campground Wind Down

The campground has entered into the "wind down" phase as evidenced by the low number of campers in the park this weekend. There are only twelve sites occupied. I checked the reservations for the remaining weekends and found  only Labor Day weekend booked up. Most schools in the area opened in the last couple of days and the remaining ones will open after Monday.  Today (Sat.) we do not have one single check-in scheduled.

Judy and I have been mostly idle this week. The most excitement we've had was when I snapped the ends off my two fishing rods.  I could lie, like most fishermen and say the rods were broken while trying to land the "big one", but the rods met a more mundane fate.  I accidentally raised the CRV windows up on the rods and snapped about a foot off each rod tip. We all do Dumb Things, it just seems I do more than my fair share. I have already gone to Wally World and replaced both rods. It would just be wrong to be on a nice lake and not have the means to just stop and fish at will.

Judy and I have made future travel reservations for Huntington Beach State Park located near Myrtle Beach, SC. from Oct. 27- Nov. 3. It will give us the opportunity to meet back up with Dee and Jim (TumbleWeed) and to meet fellow bloggers George and Laurie (Owens on the Road). We are going to have to get busy filling in the rest of our travel schedule between Sep.-Dec.

Judy and I will be returning to the M'ville/Macon area so she can have some follow-up test on our next off period. Judy received a call from her doctor yesterday.  The doctor informed Judy that the pathology report did not indicate any areas for concern but she wanted Judy to have an ultra scan just to make sure. If any anomalies show up during the ultra scan a biopsy would be conducted.

Thanks to all who left comments of encouragement.

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.
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