Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cooler Weather

The weather at the park has been a little cooler the past couple of days.  We had a series of evening and morning showers that have held the temps lower.  Yesterday (Tue) we had a much stronger thunderstorm come through the area. It was severe enough to result in many campers fleeing to the comfort stations for  safety.  One lady came up to the registration office to "ride it out" with Judy and I. Judy, is none too relaxed during these events.

Two campsites had their power pedistal damaged during the thunderstorm, rendering them unusable.  We learned about this from Char and Ed after we had left to return home.  Both sites  were water sites so the campers were going to have to move. I am sure they were not happy about having to move.  They are going to be getting a full refund and not be charged for any days during this stay. We try to have "happy Campers".

For most of our week at the park the campers were just having a great time!  Nickolas, one of my new friends came back with his dad (Thomas) to camp and fish. Nickolas came right in and gave  Mrs. Judy a hug!

David stopped by with some treats and produce!

Yesterday America lost its favorite small town sheriff. RIP, Andy

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  1. Glad you got a little relief from the heat. Too bad the t-storms ruined it!