Sunday, July 15, 2012

“5-1-5-0, Somebody,call the PO PO” Part 1

If you listen to country music, you most likely know today’s blog title is a lyric from  Dierks Bentley's current C&W song.  This has been an unusual week at the park because we have had two incidents requiring visits by law enforcement officers (PO- PO). It must be the heat.

On Thursday an older man showed up at the park around 6PM to get a site. He had been here camping about two weeks before.  Once in the office he informed me he would be staying a few days. I totaled up the cost and told him the fee. He took his wallet out to get the cash but he was a dollar short for just one day's fee.  I knew something was not right. I told him I would cover the one dollar he was short for the night. He also started telling me about family events of the previous night. I “rushed” him out of the office and told him I would come down and check on him in a few minutes.  Judy returned to the office about a half hour later and I informed her of the situation. I took the golf cart to “check on” him. He had not been able to back his trailer into the site, so I helped him get parked and set up. I returned to the office and Judy had fixed” (it’s a southern term) us supper – sandwiches. She told me she was worried about him because he is a diabetic, so she “fixed” him a plate and took it to him along with some bottled waters. Aren’t women great? Judy said he was very grateful for the food and water.  I received a call from a neighboring county deputy sheriff (Troup County) who ask if the person was here. Once I confirmed the person’s presence, the officer said he was going to link up with officers from Harris County here and take the person into custody. I would not inform him of the site number until he arrived at the park because I did not know who I was talking to. The officers from both counties arrived and informed me of the nature of the visit and I told them where to go. It was basically a situation in which family members felt the person was mentally incapacitated and they applied for a 36 hour mental evaluation order for the camper. The Harris County officers stopped by before they left and said the camper was very compliant and there was no problem.  Family members arrived about 10:30 PM to retrieve the camper's truck, trailer and dog. The family stopped in and gave Judy and I more details about the situation. I closed the gate about 11:30 PM. It had been a long day and I was ready to go to bed!

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