Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Printing Wirelessly

Judy and  I have been busy over the last few days getting our dentist visits in and doing things around the house.  We feel like we are taking a break when we return to Blanton Creek Park for our week.  Our turn over went smoothly.  Boy, did Ed and Char have a busy and exciting week.

 I don’t normally write about their week but I am making an exception. When they took over from us last week a severe thunderstorm greeted them, knocking out the power to a few sites.  They told us that storm was nothing compared to the one that came through Friday night.  Ed and Char said most of the campers had to take refuge from the storm at the comfort station. Power was interrupted at the park for a while and some sites took direct lightening strikes. There was also some activity requiring the PO PO most of Friday night. He will have to write about that!
This is the results of a lightening strike

Most of my day today was dedicated to setting up the Epson Workforce 545 wireless printer.  I set it up while at home, I thought, but I never got it to print wirelessly while using my MIFI.  After contacting Epson tech support twice I achieved wireless printing success. I also scanned some documents wirelessly. The printer is now in its new home on the Cardinal.

Printer's new home - for now. (Notice MIFI to the right)

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