Sunday, July 29, 2012

All Quiet, in the Park

Judy and I have been staying busy getting the weekend campers registered and settled.  A lot of the regulars are here. The park is occupied at approximately 60%.  All fifteen water front sites are occupied.

The weather is great for all camping activities. Both of the park’s pavilions were in use Sat.  We rent the pavilions for $60.00 and collect a $3.00 fee for each car going to the pavilion. Family reunions/gatherings usually have between thirty and sixty cars. Some cars have only a single occupant but most have three or four.

Chef Andrew Bridges was in charge of getting the pig ready for his family members Saturday.

Saturday finished up a lot quieter than our previous Saturday night. Judy and I were happy about that. The only glitch that popped up was with the office Epson Workforce 600 printer. When Judy went to print her day’s totals the printer indicated that it had a paper jam. We both inspected it and found no jams.  Unless we can clear the “error message” the printer is not going to print! I was going to call Epson Tech support but they don’t work weekends.  Rats. I will call Monday.  We don’t have any scheduled “check-ins” for today (Sunday).  If we do, we will provide them with hand-made parking passes and campsite passes.  I am going to create a form to record our day’s totals on. What else can I do.  All I have to do now is convince Judy of my plan. She has a very active nervous gene.

 I got a call from a small RV park owner near Fort Worth yesterday. The owner saw my ad in the Workamper magazine. The job was an unpaid position but included a free site. I told the owner we couldn’t travel over 1000 miles for just a site. I told her I would mention the position in my blog. If anyone is interested contact me for details and the park info.  The park only has 15 RV sites.

That is all for now.
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  1. We just created a resume on too. Already got a call to work in a park in Branson in March or April '13. Not sure what we'll do quite yet, but sounds exciting. Lots to think about!

    1. I have a friend who lives there and he really likes the area. I am sure you will enjoy working and seeing the shows there. Judy and I will be back here Mar./ 13

  2. Hope you guys stuck around for alittle of that pork!! We may be interested in that workcamping job, could you shoot us an email with the info??


    1. Kevin & Sheryl
      I sent you an email.


      It was delicious!

  3. Did you completely unplug the printer, wait a bit, then plug it back in? Sometimes they need a "hard reset" like our phones, our computers, etc. You've probably got it fixed by now, but thought of that as a possibility.

  4. Jeannie and Eldy,
    Thanks for you suggestion. I did not think of doing the "hard start" initially but did get around to it. In the end Judy just kept fiddeling with it and some how got it to work. She has no idea as to what she did.