Monday, July 30, 2012

From Park Host to Happy Camper

For all practical purposes Judy and I are through here at the park for this week even though we will work until 6PM tomorrow evening. The weekend crowd is gone and there are only three campers in the park.  I just locked the gate and walked over to the RV and Judy has the Atlanta Braves game on.  I think I will be enjoying an ice cold beverage soon.

One of the campers in the park is John and Joyce. They were gate attendants/host here at Blanton Creek Park for nine seasons. It was their vacant position that Judy and I were hired to fill. Many of the park regulars often ask us about John and Joyce.  John completed a lengthy career in the US Army prior to working at the park. They are always helpful to Judy and I when they are here and we are grateful they share their knowledge of the park with us.  It is good to see John and Joyce here enjoying the park as guest and we hope they are “happy campers.”

Joyce and John - " Happy Campers"
I got a chance to see a “Sea Eagle” inflatable raft this weekend. From what I have read on various blogs and forums the Sea Eagle is very durable and portable. Sigrid, the owner of the raft is quite a character. She informed me that she first started camping fifty six years ago. Her Sea Eagle is the one person model. I saw her out on the lake fishing everyday she was here. I am sorry I didn’t get her pic. Maybe I can get it next time.
Segrid's Sea Eagle

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  1. Good to have some down time! We love our Sea Eagle, two seater. Easy to inflate, easy to take down, and all inclusive in a bag that fits in a small space.

  2. Laurie,
    What model do ya'll have?

  3. They certainly looked like "Happy Campers"

    Interesting boat. We both have the Sea Eagle Fast Tracks but may look into another type in the future. That one looked like fun.