Friday, July 20, 2012

Back Home

Now that Judy and I are back home "living is easy".  We haven't had to interact with the PO PO at all and that is OK with us.

We have been notified that a realtor  (no not my realtor, he has not brought a single person by since listing the house in Feb.)  has scheduled a showing of our house for this Sat.  In regards to our realtor, we have already informed him  we will not be extending his services.  At this point Judy and I don't get excited. We continue to operate under the "worse case" scenario.  All of our options are based on not selling the house. I'll let you know about the "showing" in my Sunday blog.

The options include; (1.) Pay the house off and use it as a base, (2.) Rent the house long term (1 yr lease). (3.) Actively seek a snow bird for the Oct. - Mar. time frame, and (4.) rent the house as a "lake house" vacation rental.

Judy and I have all but ruled out the second option.  We are already engaged in option three. We have a "Snowbird' ad here . This is our number one option as far as a renting situation.  Option four has just recently become a serious consideration. We know a few people who rent their lake property and they report that they have had no property damage.  Judy and I are getting all the cost together to determine if this is something we want to go forward with. 

Judy spent most of Thur. cleaning out her food cabinets. She is discarding somethings and boxing the things she keeps to take back to the Cardinal.

I did the weekly yard work and listed my Jet Ski on Craig's List. I am  selling my jet ski because potential buyers expect it to be includuded in the sell.  So that is about $3000.00 I want take a hit on.   It wasn't long before a received my first scam  email as a result.  I just delete them. .

That Ia all for now.
Next Blog: Sun. evening


  1. For what it's worth, the Realtor we listed our house with never actually showed it herself, but she was very helpful while the new people were trying to get it closed. We liked the fact that she let us take our own pictures (who can show off your home better than you) and let us help with the information on the listing.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

  2. Lots of options there. You never know, maybe this other realtor will be the one that gets it sold!