Monday, July 23, 2012


No, not the house, the Jet Ski. Only two days on Craig's List and a couple of scam emails and the jet ski was sold. I have had much success buying and selling on CL and EBay. Selling the jet ski proved again that it truly is a "small world".

Saturday I did receive a couple text inquiries about the jet ski plus one missed placed "thank you" text. Seems a woman had a very enjoyable evening Fri. night and wanted to express her gratitude. I showed it to Judy and we had a good laugh.  She sent me another text about twenty minutes later after she discovered her mistake and said she was "sooo sorry".  I texted her back and told her I had been explaining to my wife of 38 years that the text was sent in error. We all had a good laugh.

Ok back to the small world and selling the Jet Ski.  I received a call about the JS around 4:30 PM.  The person had a place on Lake Sinclair six or so miles from where we live on the lake. He wanted to come look at it and I said come on over.  He then identifies himself as Jeff __ and I said are you the Jeff__ who lived on Charleston Cir. He said "yes I am".  When I was eleven years old I had a news-paper route. By the time I reached fourteen I had three routes - one in the AM and two in the afternoon. I was Jeff''s parents paper boy on one of the afternoon routes. He would have been about eight or nine, some 47 yrs ago.  He told me his Mom was eighty eight now.  He did come over and look at the J Ski and lift. He bought both of them.

I mentioned in my last blog that my house was going to be shown on Sat. As it turns out, Judy and I got a call Sat AM saying that the showing would be pushed back to Sunday but another agent wanted to show the house at 10:30.  Judy told our agent to have them come by at 11:00 AM to give us time to pick-up the house. The original showing took place last night and we don't have any feed back yet.  I'll let you know as soon as we do.

Karen and Laurie thanks for your comments.

That is all for now.
Next Blog: Wed (unless we get a contract!)


  1. Funny story about the text messages. I would have been okay if I got that as we have not been out of sight of each other in weeks:)

  2. Good luck on the house. We have had ours up since April and no luck yet.

    1. I know there are many people in the same housing situation as you and I. Judy and I don't see an improvement in the housing problem in the near future but we are not going to let that prevent us from RVing. Yes, we have a modified plan now but you have to do what you have to do.

  3. Dang, I just knew the 'SOLD' would be the house :) Great that one more thing is gone, though!

  4. Glad you got something sold! Good luck on the house sale. It WILL happen!