Saturday, May 5, 2012

A New Friend

The park started to come back to life around 1:00 PM Friday as campers began arriving for a weekend of camping.  The day’s last camper arrived at 8:30. Judy and I like the slow pace between Mon. and Thurs. We enjoy the sounds and the stillness of nature while we have the park almost to ourselves. However, we like the sounds of “Happy Campers” best. 

I received a call from a camper at 4:00 PM who had decided on the spur of the moment that he wanted to go camping and fishing.  He had visited the park but had never camped. He did know which tent site he wanted but couldn’t remember the number. After he described the site, I was able to determine the number and told him it was available. He was a Happy Camper!  He arrived at the park around 6:45 PM dressed in camo pants and matching T shirt. A little fella was following closely and in matching attire. The man identified himself (Thomas) and told us he was the guy who had called about site T23. Since he had not camped here before, the registration process took a few minutes to input into the computer. Judy was sitting at the registration station so she would take the info. While dad was doing the check-in, I asked the young man to sit at the table. He climbed up on the seat across from me. He told me his name was Nickolas and he was in kindergarten.  I talked with him about going fishing. He informed me he really liked to catch and eat catfish.  After about five minutes, Judy had completed the registration process. As Nickolas got up from the table he proclaimed “I have a new friend”.  He then proceeded over to Judy and gave her a hug. For a split second I thought to myself, this must be what being a grandparent is like. Maybe I will find out one day. I also like talking to the campers who tell us about camping here when they were children and are now here with their children.

My New Friend Nickolas and Dad (Thomas)
Happy Campers

The hot-water heater is still leaking. I sure hope it will be replaced before it fails completely. I check on it frequently.  There is an alligator or two that hangs out near the park but we have not seen it. Friday AM a camper was up at the office purchasing ice and told us the gator was about ten feet away from his boat.  Judy took the camera and tried to get a picture. No luck. I now take the camera with me just in case. I did see an armadillo a couple of days ago.

Update:  In my last post, I mentioned my displeasure with the government’s “free cell phone” program. The very next day as I was watching a news program, a congressmen from Arkansas indicated that he was going to introduce legislation to defund or limit the program. He gave many examples of the abuses of the program. EX. Many people when arrested for other crimes have as many as 15-25 cell phones in their possession that were obtained via this gov't program. The annual cost to paying cell phone owners (taxpayers) over $1,000,000,000.00 (billion) annually. I can’t wait to have the govt run or is it ruin our healthcare. I am confident it will be administered in much the same fashion.

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    1. I am real happy that we decided to come to blanton creek it is one of the nicest places we have been to since we have been in Georgia.

  2. I really enjoy fishing and camping here cant wait till we come back see you soon.