Saturday, July 7, 2012

RV Accessories

I have found since Judy and I are spending more time in the Cardinal we tend to consider it more and more like our home.  I have also discovered that stores like Camping World or other retailers that stock rv accessories have replaced Lowe's and Home Depot as places that I like to hangout at.

As our commitment at Blanton Creek winds down we are trying to get a handle on items that we will need once we head to Florida this fall. Our last day is Aug. 28th. We are flying to Portland, OR. in Sept. for a week to visit our son.  Judy and I will be on assignment at Manatee Springs SP in Oct.

We picked up two major items today.  I purchased one up at Camping World and the other at Best Buy in Macon.

You may recall I turned down a fall/winter position at St. Andrews SP in Panama City because there were no sewer connections only a dump station.  If you want to read about that dumb decision click here. I am still trying to forget about it. To make sure that not having a sewer connection is not a problem I purchased a Thetford SmartTote LX35. ($219.00)

I have been researching printers for the last month or two to keep on the fiver to use with my lap top.  I settled on an Epson Workforce 545 all in one - print,copy,scan and fax. It is also wireless (wifi) capable. I hope it will work with my Verizon MIFI. I am going to set it up tomorrow.

Judy and I had a nice dinner at the Fish N Pig at Lake Tobeesofkee near Macon.  We both enjoyed our selections.

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  1. We volunteered last winter about twenty minutes away from Manatee Springs, at a county park Otter Springs. We did visit Manatee Springs, beautiful. Campground small, but very atmospheric..lots of hanging moss, lush vegetation. NO cell signal there though, we have ATT.

  2. Just found your well-crafted blog! It's going on my reader list.

  3. Good idea getting a portable tank. We ponder what we will do with no sewer hookups. We know for a fact 2 weeks tops on our black tank. Anxious for updates on using the portable one. I've heard horror stories :)

  4. We had one of the original "blue boy" tanks. Used it about 4 times in 10 years and finally gave it away. We thought we'd use it a lot when we first started full-timing, but never did.

    Also, those things get really heavy when full, and on most of them you have to pick up one end of it to dump it. Can also get stuck when trying to move it away from the side of the RV if the soil is sandy or muddy.

    Been there, done that! ; )


  5. We have the 18 gal tote and man its not a fun job.

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