Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hot Hot Hot

The party is over!  Summer showed up a Blanton Creek Park with temps reaching 105’.  Sadly, triple digit forecasts are going to be around for at least the next three days. It could be worse, I just checked the temp for Lake Sinclair, where we live and it is 109'!!

 Other than the oppressive heat, things are going well at the park.  We are over 60% capacity in the camp ground.  Judy and I were busy selling “Day Use” passes, mostly to people launching their bass, pontoon, or ski boats.

 I found that with these extreme temps it is less enjoyable making my rounds in the golf cart.  As I drive around it feels like I am driving into a furnace.  It does get a little cooler after the sun goes down.
Hot  Hot  Hot

That is about it from Blanton Creek.
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  1. I hope the temps cool down soon.

  2. I hope the temps cool down soon.

  3. It is hot here in PA too...but I like it much better than snow!

    1. Maybe next year at this time you will be cooler climes.