Saturday, November 9, 2013

Petersburg Campground Wrap-Up

Judy and I have used much of today (Sat.) to prepare for our departure from here Sunday morning.  Everything is ready to go except unplugging from shore power and hitching-up.

We stopped by the J. Strom Thurmond visitor center  just across the dam and got acquainted with the history of the project. The center was very informative and the staff were friendly. We even were present when a Ranger poured minnows into the fish tank. Let us just say we were witnesses to quite a feeding frenzy. 

View from Visitors Center                           Lots to see in the center

235 view        235 Vis cntr 1

235 boat        235 fish tnk

We met with Mike and Terry, who were also up at Huntington Beach SP last week with the group and who are volunteers in nearby Modoc, SC. They have been workampers at the J Strom Thurmond project before and will be here through Jan. unless they extend.  They suggested a local Mexican restaurant and it sure was good, but the conversation and visit were better. Judy and I look forward to seeing them in future travels

235 Mike and terry

We even ran across the Wiener Mobile

235 oscar

One bit of sad news, Merle and Keith reported that Bridgette, the stray dog from Blanton Creek Park, they took in has passed.  She had heart worms and was just too weak to survive the treatment.  Merle and Keith certainly made her final couple of months  comfortable and gave her a loving environment. Here is the Link to my original blog about Bridgette.

235 bridgett

That is all for now. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. So glad that you got to spend more time with Mike & Terri. They are terrific people. Isn't that a great visitors center? Safe travels to your next destination.

  2. We certainly enjoyed visiting with you. That was our first visit to that restaurant, so we're glad we all liked it. We're also glad you enjoyed the visitor's center. Take care and safe travels!

  3. We never even ventured over to the center to learn more about the area. Sometimes I guess just staying put is a good option.

    Sad to hear the news about the dog. Heartworm is nothing to mess with.

  4. Bridgette will be missed...thanks for the update.