Thursday, November 7, 2013

Technology Updates

Judy and I have been nestled in at ACOE Blacksburg CG for three days now just relaxing for the most part. Very few campers are here but the park host has informed us that the CG will be almost full for the weekend.

Monday I took the Dodge Ram into the local (Augusta, GA) dealership to have the “Check Engine” light investigated. It illuminated as I was driving down from Huntington Beach SP Sunday. It turned out to be a “false alert” so it was reset. 

Wed we took a short trip into town to visit Wally World and grab a bite to each. For lunch we tried a small mom and pop barbecue diner/cafĂ©. I am amazed at the many different was barbecue is prepared and presented from region to region and sometimes within a state.  The barbecue was served with a pork hash over rice. The owner could see a little hesitation on our faces as we looked at the menu so she brought us over a small sample of the hash. To our surprise, it was very tasty. I took some pics but I am not able to access them now – more on that later.

After lunch I ask Judy to stop by the Verizon store I had seen on our way in.  I have been reluctant to consider doing anything that would alter my plan because I have an unlimited data for my 3.5 year old Droid. Over the past few days I took a look at my  data usage for my phone and saw it was minimal so I had been thinking about upgrading Judy’s worn out Envy 3, even older than my Droid.  She had been talking about getting a “tablet”( l I Pad Air) lately also. We both ended up with new phones, Droid Ultras, and an I Pad Air tablet. Judy renewed our two year contract which enabled her to purchase her phone for $99.00. I only had to pay $30.00 for mine because Verizon had a smartphone  upgrade promotion going on. I did have to turn my old phone over to them instead of putting it into the pile of old cell phones that I have collected over the years.  The Ipad Air cost $429 after the $100.00 rebate.  We opted for the 10Gig shared plan between devices. In the end my monthly bill increased by twenty dollars, I think.  Once home, I set up Judy’s Gmail and FB accounts and added a few other apps.  Judy was most happy with was the fact that she was able to download a “Harry Potter” ringtone.  I was disappointed that all the pics I had on my old phone could not be transferred to the new phone. I was given the small card but I don’t know how to transfer the pics on it to another device.  If you can offer any advice I would greatly appreciate it.

Ipad Air                                                Droid Ultra (X2)

234 apple Ipad Air234 Motorola Droid Ultra

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Glad you are enjoying the COE. I can
    picture you there now!

    We did something similar at Verizon few months ago (minus the tablet) and are happy to report we have not come close to going over the 10G limit.

    To transfer photos, I made a new folder on my laptop and copied them from the DCIM folder on the SIM card. Next, plug your new phone into the laptop (using the usb on your charger). If it's the first time, you will get directions to download new software (internet needs to be on). Once that's done, you should be able to click on the icon for your phone, locate the DCIM folder, and drag the photos from the laptop folder onto your new phone.

    1. I don't understand where to put the SIM card. I looked on my lap top but could not locate a port small enough for it.
      Judy and I had the last two slices of pumpkin bread toasted with a hot bev. last evening. Thank you very much!

    2. You might need a card reader, but sometimes you can put a small card in a larger port. The other possibility is to switch it with the one in your Droid (if it's compatible) just for the transfer. In that case, you would need to load the new software first.

  2. Ahh, switching to new technology is fun, isn't it? We both love our Droids, they are so handy for everything!

  3. There are multi-card readers by Dynex that can read five sizes of SD cards. They are plugged in by USB to youur computer but should do the trick. It will show as 5 different removable devices but again it does the job. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks for the info/ advice. That will be my project for tomorrow!!

  4. Jim, if you have an SD card slot on your laptop you can go to Best Buy (or maybe Walmart) and buy an adaptor (same size and shape as an SD card) that your mini-SD card slips into. You can then put the adaptor into your SD card slot on the laptop and drag & drop the photos to your desktop. Your new phone has a menu setting that will let your phone act as a hard drive when you connect it to your laptop's USB port. You can then drag & drop your photos (which are now on your desktop) onto the new phone's "Photos" folder.

    1. I will check at wally world/ Best Buy on our daily run in tomorrow. Thanks.

  5. Hello Judy and Jim,
    We met you two at the Cherry Point RV part earlier in the month. Thanks again for the information on RVing provided to us. Doris enjoyed playing tennis with Judy. Dropped off our unit at the dealer to fix the items on our small punchlist. Will be venturing south starting Dec 12th. Made reservations at Adelaide RV Park for a month starting Jan 11th. Looking forward to your review on that Ipad Air, for we are considering getting on to use on our trips. Take care, be safe, and have fun!

    Greg and Doris Mercado