Monday, November 11, 2013

Travel Day–ACOE Suwanee, Buford, GA.

ACOE Suwanee Campground on Lake Lanier
Buford, GA.

Travel days are always early days for us, even if we are only traveling a short distance.  I know short distance is a relative term. Any distance less than two hundred miles is a short distance for us. By 8:30 I had taken care of business so to speak at the dump station and we were on our way.

The route I selected included no interstate HWY miles and very little traffic except for the last twenty miles. Buford, Ga is twenty miles or so east and south of Atlanta. The campground is part of the ACOE’s Project on Lake Lanier. We arrived at 1:45 PM.

This campground is operating at reduced staffing until next April.  The gate shack is unmanned so campsites are first come first served. Payment is on the honor system. I thought things would be a little confusing but the directions posted were very clear. A site map displays all sites and each are color coded to indicate the price. The site we chose was color coded RED  (50 Amp Elec/water) so the price was $32.00 per night. However, using our Senior Pass # the price was reduced by 50%. We selected our site and then went back and deposited our fees (Check or Cash only). 

After driving through the park we chose site 36. It was easy to back into and it is deep enough that we could park the truck and the CRV in-line The site is paved and level. It was covered in leaves but I blew them off once we got set-up.

Site 36 before I took care of the leaves!
236 Suwanee CG
We moved over to this park to be close to RV World RV Center for a service appointment scheduled for Tue.  I am having a second SAT TV coax cable “run” from the roof mounted SAT dish so we can watch TV and record another channel at the same time. Presently with the one cable we can use the DVR to record but are limited to that channel during the recording period.  We are also having a minor problem with the toilet but minor could become major at anytime and that would not be good.

That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Another great COE park. Good luck getting that DVR going!

  2. Yeah,love those COE Parks. Never did like those dad gum toilet problems.

    1. Joe,
      I am hoping the toilet problem will be just a memory after tomorrow.

  3. Love the parks around Lake Lanier!