Saturday, November 23, 2013

Movie Day - " Catching Fire"

Judy and I are just marking time until we head south on Friday. We both have a couple of more doctor appointments over the next few days.  I have one in Macon and another one in Milledgeville on Tue. She only has one more on Tue.  We are looking forward to being with family for Thanksgiving. 

Friday we had a movie day with Judy's sister and John Mark our nephew.  We went to the early IMAX showing of "Catching Fire", the second movie of the Hunger Games trilogy. I enjoyed the first movie so much that I added the three books to my kindle so I could read them before the other movies came out, I think reading the books contributed in my enjoyment of the movie . I also recommend watching "The Hunger Games " movie again before seeing "Catching Fire". The movie was AWESOME.  I am ready for the final installment but I am going to have to wait until it is released.

Catching Fire Trailer    

Today we have been lazing around watching college football all day and have no plans for anything else.  Tonight winter temps are going to be creeping into the area. I am not a big fan of  temps in the thirties.

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. We loved Hunger Games too and went yesterday to see Catching Fire. (I have read all the books.) What was your take? We are sooooo ready for Mockingjay but have seen that it will be in two parts. As big as that book is, I can kind of see why. Impatiently waiting....

  2. Becky,
    I have enjoyed both of the books that I have completed and thought the movies were done very well. I just heard today that Mockingjay would be made into two movies. I will begin reading it in the next few days. I would much rather see Mockingjay made into two movies if a lot of material would be left out. I thought the Harry Potter book "The Half Blood Prince" should have been two movies.