Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cleared for Travel

Judy and I had our last scheduled Doctor appointments Tuesday, our annual physicals and I also had to visit my urologist. I must give Dr. V. (that is what patients call him because we can’t pronounce his Russian name without great difficulty) a “shoutout” because he rescheduled my Dec, 4th appointment so I could keep my travel plans intact. I did feel a bit guilty when I arrived at his office and not one car was in the patient parking lot. In general I don’t use this blog for political speech but I must say that Obamacare is going to ruin the best health care system in the world. How do I know, some may ask.  I lived under National Health Care when I lived in England, and it is not pretty.  Sounds good but it is not good in reality. I love my Dr’s., and hope I do get to keep my doctors like the President said, I am sure he would not lie about that. That is all I have to say about that.

The weather is very wet and it is getting colder each day. By tonight the temps will be in the low 20’s and the rain will be clearing out. I have been surprised at the increase in campers here at the park. Two Rvs pulled in last night after 9:00PM and set up in the dark and rain. These are not just over nighters, must be here for the holidays. 
Judy and I are looking forward to having Thanksgiving with her sister and family. Sheila always has a “Thanksgiving” dinner to “write home about”! 
Judy and I thought about getting on the road Thurs. afternoon but we would only have a couple of hours of daylight and I don’t like to pull the Cardinal after dark.  So a cold and early departure Friday will most likely be the plan.  I will make an overnight stop possibly in Chiefland, FL. or maybe near Lake City.

Oh, I almost forgot, we received an email from a prospective workamper employer yesterday. The job will take us to the Madras, Oregon area. More on this if it firms up.

That is all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.
Next Blog: After we arrive at Avon Park, FL.


  1. I'm glad we got out of Georgia when we did, although we ended up getting some weather here last night which is bringing in a cold front (Florida style). The weatherman keeps saying we're going to get "freezing temperatures." After seeing 17 degrees, I'm not too worried. :)

    If you need a place to overnight, we are at Quail Run RV Resort in Wesley Chapel, Fl, which is just north of Tampa. It's right off I-75 and they have big pull through sites.

    I also am concerned about the state of our health care. I also don't post political things, or even comment on them, because I've seen too many comments where people are called "racists" because they disagree with the president or his policies. I saw my doctor earlier this week and he too was concerned about the state of our health care.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving and safe travels. The palm trees are waiting for you and the sun just came out....finally!

  2. We stayed in Cedar Key and made a few drives to Chiefland, all I can say it is not much:(

    1. If we make it to Chiefland it will just be a sleep over at Wally World.