Wednesday, November 13, 2013

RV Service and a Travel Day

Eatonton, GA.

Judy and I arrived at RV World in Buford, Ga. at 8:15 AM Tuesday morning for a service appointment. It was a short fifteen mile drive from the campground. The drive was complicated by the workday traffic but we made it safely.

Once there we checked in with Cody, one of the service writers. He wrote up the work order and took the required info from me. The work included “running” another line from the roof mounted SAT dish to the rear TV dvr; replacing a faulty toilet flushing valve, repositioning the home entertainment receiver to the top of the cabinet from which the TV retracts into, and rerouting the associated tangle of component wires.

Once the Cardinal was moved into the service area, I met with Rodney the shop foreman to discuss the details of the work to be completed. The toilet job was a straight forward repair so there wasn’t much to discuss. I was interested in “the plan” for the routing of the DVR line from the SAT dish. We both agreed the line would best be run aft from the SAT dish to the end cap and down into the cabinets inside the rear of the RV and on down to the DVR on the entertainment cabinet.  I know a pic would be helpful here but I did not think to take any.

RV World Buford, GA.

238 RV World 1       Judy and Rodney inspect the completed work

238 RV World 2


At 1:30 Judy and I was informed that the work was completed. Rodney escorted us back to the service area to the 5ver and he went over all the completed work. Judy and I were very pleased with the work.  This is the second time we have had service work at RV World. We went back in and Judy took care of the bill ($577.00).

We were surprised the work was completed so early. We decided to drive a short 100 miles to the WalMart in Eatonton, GA.  My sister lives nearby so we are going to stay at her home until Friday. I received permission from the Wal Mart manager to park the rig there for a couple of days. We are going to move to a campground on Lake Tobesofkee near Macon on Friday. We will be taking care of our annual medical appointments while in the area. Our families live in the area so we will not leave until the day after Thanksgiving.

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  1. Glad you were able to get everything completed so quickly and to your satisfaction. Now you can get full use of that DVR! :)

  2. I am jealous of your DVR capabilities. I think we need to splurge on getting the Dish Hopper. Once you have DVR it's hard to go back to regular tv watching.

    Sounds like you are happy with the repairs. Always a good thing. Enjoy the time with your sister.

  3. I am so glad you finally got it taken care of. You will enjoy DVR!

  4. Great to hear you got the DVR done. It will be worth every penny.