Monday, November 4, 2013

Travel Day–ACOE Petersburg Campground

Petersburg Campground

J. Strom Thurmond Lake, Appling, Georgia


Sunday it was time to move on, so we packed-up and moved two hundred fifty three miles to Petersburg Campground. We are about fifteen miles from Augusta, GA. We arrived at the park at 3:50 PM and selected site # 45 from the available sites. With the time shift we only had about an hour of daylight remaining. The site is a typical Army Corp of Engineer (ACOE) park – lots of trees,  I don’t think SAT TV is going to workout but we did pick up 27 channels on the crank-up antennae. Judy said she could live with it since we can get the network that her favorite TV show (The Blacklist) is on. 

Judy and I were happy that fellow full-timers and bloggers, Pam and Vic (Travelin' the Big EZ ) were here at the park. We were sad though when we found out they would be leaving Monday AM. Judy and I did get to visit with them around their campfire for an hour or so. I am sure we will have a chance to “see them down the road” as they are going to be traveling around FL for the next few months.

We had our rig and truck weighed before getting on the road from Huntington Beach SP. Linda and Howard (RV-Dreams.Com), representatives of Recreation Vehicle Safety & Education Foundation (RVSEF) did the weighing. Weight is a critical RV safety factor. Once the weighing was completed, Linda explained the results to us and gave us a preliminary report with initial weight numbers, a formal report will be mailed to us from RVSEF.

Special scales are placed under each tire (Trk & RV)

234 MB Weighing 1      234 MB Weighing 2


Truck w/out trailer                                             Truck w/ 5ver                                        

Driver’s Side         Passenger side            Driver’s side          passenger side

Front:  2500         2500  = 5000               2400                   2500  = 4900

Rear   1900          1800  = 3700               3400                   3300  =  6700 

                           Total        8700                                                      11,600 

Pin Wt. = 2900

5th Wheel

Driver’s side         Passenger’s side

Front   3450        2750  = 6200

Rear    3000        2950  = 5950

Pin WT.                            2900

                         Total       15,050 

It was a fun week meeting with fellow full-time RVers and we look forward to seeing them in future travels. It was very special having so many come out to see us off!

That is all for now. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Cool that you got to meet Pam & Vic. Glad you like J. is beautiful there.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out. We really enjoyed getting chance to meet you and look forward to catching up with you two in Florida. Now when I read your blog I can hear your distinctive southern accent in your voice.