Friday, September 6, 2013

A New Home for Bridgett

About a month and a half ago I noticed a small white stray dog had decided to take up residence here at the park. Luckily, she was a mild meek non-aggressive dog. I thought she would be here a few days and then move on--- well that didn't happen. She soon determined she liked site 29 and settled in. 

I need a friend!

Judy and I aren't in a position to take in a pet but we did hope a camper would take her in.  It had happened in the past. It would be harder with this dog because it would not let anyone get within about 8ft. The weekend campers would place food all around the camping area for her. They were worried about what would happen to her after we closed the park.

I have mentioned two of the park's regulars, Keith and Merle in other posts. They come into the park almost everyday for their morning walk about with Suzie their Yorkie.  They immediately formed an attachment to our canine resident and she was soon following them around on their morning walks but being careful not to get too close. Keith and Merle informed us that they had decided that they would take the stray, who they had taken to calling Bridgett, in if they could ever get close to her. Well, their slow determined approach has paid off. I drove down into the park yesterday AM and I witnessed Bridgett letting them pat her and staying close to them. They are going to wait a week or so before they try to get her into their truck. They plan to take Bridgett straight to the vet for a complete check-up before taking her home. Bridgett couldn't find a better home!!

Merle, Suzie and Keith

New friends, Keith and Bridgett

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  1. That is so great of them for taking her in.Thank them for us..

  2. Good for Keith and Merle. That looks like a really cute dog and I bet it will make a great pet. They seem to realize when someone helps them out.