Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ready to Roll

Judy and I are spending our last night at Blanton Creek. We have been busy making preps to "get underway" Thurs. morning for Twin Lakes CG located on Lake Hartwell just inside SC. It takes a lot of work getting ready to leave after six months of sitting in one place. It took us almost two days.

We hope to hit the road by 9:00 AM for the 190 mile drive. I'll let you know how the drive goes.

Judy's leaving haircut by Brenda, one of our campers.

Everything is back in the basement.

The roof was swept off and the Cardinal washed.

That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Safe travels! See you in a month or so!

  2. Enjoy travelling this fall. I see you are headed back to Avon Park, for the winter I assume. Enjoy.

    We are heading west to TX, AZ and Ca this winter. Then north to BC and east to Ottawa for July 1 then home to Nova Scotia.

    Travel safely

    1. Anne,
      Yep we are headed back to AP again (Dec.-Feb.). We hope to head West in March. Tell Arch hi. Maybe we will see Y'all down the road again.

  3. Have a safe and trouble free trip. We are leaving Sinclair Lake after spending a week here. Miss not seeing you when we are here. We will be seeing you again somewhere.

  4. We already miss you two! Hope each day on the road finds you exploring something new...and leaving your mark on each new person you meet. Have fun! And tell Judy we will make her a special plate of Mike's Quesadillas and have a moment of silence for her. :)