Friday, September 13, 2013

On the Road Again

Judy and I were up early Thur. morning so we could get on the road by 9ish.  Judy finished the final touches on the inside and I disconnected all the outside connections. We  took one last ride in the golf cart into the campground. We fed Bridgett for Keith and Merle. They went to FL for a few days. If all goes well they will be taking Bridgett out of the park on Mon.
I pulled the fiver out of the “host” site around 9:00 Am closing the Blanton Creek workcamper chapter. I will post a short summary of our two seasons here in a couple of days
Pulling Out.
208 pulling out 
Judy locking gate as leave
  208 Judy locking gate
The 200 mile trip to Twin Lakes CG went very smoothly.  Driving through Atlanta on I85 would have been more challenging if Judy had not been following behind me in the CRV. She would “block” for me during lane changes. We got to the CG around 3:00 PM. We stopped twice, once for breakfast and one rest break.

Once getting set-up we went into Clemson, SC for dinner and to get a 25’ fresh water hose. My 25’ hose was about five feet too short.  Once back to the CG we cleaned up and did nothing but relax for the rest of the evening. We will be here until Monday AM.
That is all for now. Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Now the fun begins! I'm glad the trip was a great one. I do a lot of lane changes to help Jim.