Sunday, September 8, 2013

Great Conversation and Excellent Dinner

Merle and Keith, our friends who are by far the most regular visitors to the park invited Judy and I to dinner at their home Friday evening.  We had been over for drinks and out to dinner previously but Merle wanted us to come over for a sit-down dinner before Judy and I got on the road.

Merle and Keith invited neighborhood friends Mike and Bobbie over also. Like Merle and Keith, they were wonderful conversationalist. Bobbie and I had something in common- we both were middle school teachers. She is still at it though. Mike found that Judy can hold her own in any sports discussion particularly baseball.

We knew Merle and Keith were wonderful host and when dinner was served we discovered their awesome culinary talent. Merle had chosen to serve roasted potatoes w/rosemary, baked salmon in soy sauce & maple syrup, baked Cauliflower and panna cotta topped with blue berries (from her garden).

Judy and I had a great time visiting with everyone. Here are a few pics of the evening;

Dinner is served!      (Click pics to enlarge)

Time to Eat!

Bobbie and Mike

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  1. Dinner looks delicious. I am amazed and impressed by people who can cook like that, especially for several people.

  2. Isn't it so cool to meet so many great people! Looks like you guys had a great meal and great fun :)