Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day Trip- Booker T. Washington National Monument

Smith Mountain Lake SP, Bedford, VA.

Judy and I have been here for two great days.  The weather is perfect, 72'ish during the day and upper 40's at night. Tue I took Judy around to see many of her former banker friends in and around Lynchburg. They all seemed very happy to see her and I know she enjoyed seeing them.  I did drop by Bedford Middle School to see some of my teacher friends. I got to talk with Walter,  a social studies colleague of mine quite awhile. I will drop back by one day to see a couple of folks  that I missed.  I was surprised to find that only about four of the teachers from my time at BMS were still there. I guess a lot changes in 10yrs.

Today Judy and I took a trip to the Booker T. Washington National Monument located nearby in Hardy, VA.  We could not have had nicer weather for the self guided tour along the plantation trail which leads through the historic section of the park.  It included a replica of the slave cabin Washington lived in during his nine years as a slave until freed in 1865 when the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 was read by a Union Officer at the plantation after the conclusion of the Civil War'

Entrance to the Booker T. Washington National Monument

Replica of  Washington's one room  dirt floor cabin he shared with his family for nine years
Judy Reading one of the information stations along the self guided tour

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  1. It is nice to revisit old stomping grounds. Life does go on without us, doesn't it?

  2. You are brave to stop by your old school after ten years. I have only been gone two and already feel disconnected when I return. It's good you at least found one former colleague.

    Glad you are enjoying great weather in the east coast.