Sunday, September 15, 2013

Blanton Creek Campground Workamper Summary

I thought it would be helpful to write a few lines about our workamper experience at Blanton Creek for any workampers who read our blog.  Judy and I first heard of this opportunity from one of our retired neighbors who worked at one of the GA Power Parks located nearby on Lake Oconee.  GA Power operates CGs in three areas of the state. (Click here for GA Power Lakes)  Blanton Creek is located near Columbus, GA on Lake Harding. The season runs from Mar. - Labor Day.  During the two seasons we worked there we worked every other week. Our work week was pretty much 24/7 since you are on-call from closing until opening. On the off-week there is ample time to explore the area. Atlanta is only an hour or so away. Each couple works as an independent contractor, not as an employee of GA Power. On the down side there are some start-up costs that " contractors" are responsible for; (a.) Liability Ins. policy ($ 600-700 annually), (b). Drug screening ($100.00 X2 initially), background check ($150- 200 X2 initially). The hosts have a full-hook up site as well as earning a salary.

Judy and I both agree that Blanton Creek was a great workamper experience.  Usually only Friday and Sat we were extremely busy. Mon-Thurs' slow pace gave us time to enjoy the park and to take care of any errands we had. We got to know many of the campers on a personal level since most lived local and came to the park often.  The main reason our experience was so enjoyable was  the friendship we had with our Ga. Power boss Mike, Richard- the park maintenance rep, and our co-host Ed and Char. All of them contributed in making this a memorable workamper experience more than they know.  If you would like additional details just send me a email.

Mike took the time to takes us to lunch and express his thanks for our time at Blanton Creek
Richard, "Always on the job"

Ed and Char

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  1. It did look like a great gig. Wish we could do that this year, but will have to put it on our list for the future :)

  2. Even for us who are not workampers, your post provides some useful information for future possibilities. I never thought about "start-up" costs before!

    Sounds like the best part, like most of life, was the friendships you made.

  3. If you're talking about me, thanks! I'm enjoying your blog very much. Work camping is something we're considering also once we FT next June. We have camped at Lake Lanier before and loved it! Nice to hear about other parks.