Thursday, September 5, 2013

Game Day

Judy and I headed up to Atlanta Wed to catch the Braves and Mets game.  It was the first game that Judy and I went to together this season. Earlier in the season Jim (Tumbleweed) and I made it up for a game during the time he and Dee were staying at the park.  The game results were the same, the Braves lost! Oh well, at least we got to enjoy the overpriced hot dogs and "ball park atmosphere". Too bad we will be out of the area when the post season games begin. On second thought maybe we should stay away since the Braves seem to falter each time we attend in person. The Braves kept a lot of the first string players out of the game to rest them for the upcoming post season play.

Judy with "Hammering Hank"

Action on the field - Turner Field

The gold dome of the capital

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  1. It's a perfect time of year for visiting a ballpark. Sorry your team lost. . . .