Thursday, August 2, 2012

Errands and more Errands

Judy and I have been back at the lake for two days.  It seems like we stay in the road and can’t get much done around the house. Wed. we both went our separate ways, she had her list of things to do and I had mine.

We went to McDonald’s and had a breakfast sandwich. I stopped by my barbershop to get a haircut but my barber takes off on Wed. I found out. Judy went to get a cut and color at her beauty salon.  I went by the post office to get our mail from our PO box. I guess we really need to get serious about a “mail service” before we head down to FL in Oct.  Next on my agenda was a trip to the Probate Court to apply for a “concealed weapon” permit. I completed the three page questionnaire without a hitch. At the next station the process fell apart. The clerk went to input the data into a terminal with lots of connections and could not maintain connectivity so she couldn’t take my photo. After trying to reboot it several times she told me she would give me a call after the problem was corrected. She gave me the paperwork I would need to be fingerprinted at the Sheriff’s office. I must say she was very apologetic. I paid the $72.00 for the permit. It would be 2:00 PM before I could get my fingerprints taken so I thought I would go have lunch.

Judy called me and let me know she was done at the hair salon.  I told her I was on my way to Chick Fil A. Judy had about half an hour before she was to meet a friend for lunch so she said she would meet me. I got to Chick Fil A first and it was packed. I called Judy and gave her a heads up. Once she got there we went in. She found us a seat and I got in a very long line to order.  By the time I got my food and got to our booth Judy only had about five minutes before she had to go meet her friend. As Judy was leaving I saw two of my teacher friends looking for a place to sit. It was their first day back at school before the students return next week.

Overflow Parking

Standing room only

I got a call from Margret – the Probate Court clerk, informing me that the problem was corrected. I headed back over and got my photo taken and my data uploaded to some state database. I went across the street to my favorite coffee shoppe to have a refreshing iced coffee until 2:00 PM

The fingerprinting went well. There was another person there also getting his prints done for a permit as well.  The fingerprinting took place in the booking area. It was entertaining listening to some of the conversations taking place. I would have liked to video some of the things I saw but thought better of it.

Judy and I got a slow start. We planned to have lunch and pick up a few grocery items in Milledgeville. I called and talked to the Ranger at Manatee Springs SP before we left the house. Judy and I have annual doctor appointments Nov. 6th and 7th and wanted to make sure that would not be a problem. Not to mention we want to vote in person not by absentee ballot. He told me that would be ok.  On the way in I received a call informing me that the pistol I ordered was in. We went and had lunch then went by and picked up the pistol. I checked the pistol out, bought a holster and fifty rounds of ammo. Judy and I plan to go to the public firing range to do some “Fam Firing” (Familiarization Firing) tomorrow. I’ll let you know how that goes in the next blog.

That is all for today, thanks for stopping by.
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  1. The whole Chik-Filet controversy is getting them lots of business :) Sounds like you've had some busy days!