Saturday, August 4, 2012

All Ready on the Firing Line

Judy and I wanted to go fire the new Glock 19 Gen four as soon as we could. The clerk where we purchased the gun told us about a new firing range located only about ten miles up the road from where we live. The range is a project of the Federal Govt., State of GA., and the NRA. The Cedar Creek firing range is located in the Oconee National Forest off HW 212W.

We took a drive out to the range Thur. in the late afternoon just to see where it was located. It was closed, so we parked the CRV and went under the iron rail gate. The facility was a very nice. We read the information at the kiosk and found the range was open Thur. – Sun., 10:00AM – 5:30 PM. The hours are also affected by the weather.

Cedar Creek Firing Range

On Friday Judy and I stopped by Wal Mart and picked up a few items – hearing protection, eye protection, and targets. When we arrived at the firing range at 10:45 we were the only shooters there.  Judy was happy about that. The only person there besides us was the range day manager. We found he is one of four retired men employed by DNR to be at the range on the days it is open.  We filled out a couple of forms and then got ready to fire.  I set up our targets about 25-30 feet in front of our firing station. The park maintains two sets of target holders at 50 yds and 100yds. Those targets are used mostly by rifle shooters. I shot my fifteen rounds first. My shot pattern was ok for my first time shooting since I left the Navy. I spent some time going over a few shooting pointers with Judy before she went to the firing line. I thought she had a respectable day shooting.  More importantly than what I think, she was satisfied with her day on the range.

My pattern was only ok


Judy decided early on that she was going to stay close to the house.  Before she got up I took down all my Purple Martin gourds and cleaned them out.  That is the least thing I enjoy about maintaining a PM colony.  By the time I finished that Judy was up and getting breakfast ready. I got my shower before she had breakfast on the table.  After breakfast I headed out to get my overdue haircut.  I must say a trip to the barbershop ( Olde Tyme barbershop) I go to is very interesting. Think “Good Ol Boys”.  I can’t complain about the $9.00 cost.  To top it off, there is a hot dog diner next door (Olde Tyme Hotdogs).

After I finished up at the barbershop I went back to the firing range. I can see that being only 15 min away from the firing range could be a problem!   The range was much busier today.  A few shooters were zeroing in their rifles for the upcoming hunting season. I fired three 15 round magazines of 9mm ammo. I thought my performance was pretty good.  I only care to be proficient up 30 feet or so.  My pattern is about 8”X 8” and I hope to tighten it up to 4”X 4”.

That is all for now, thanks for stopping by.
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  1. I need to get on a range myself. I have not shot any of my weapons since we started full timing in 2006. I would be happy with that pattern after all this time:)

    1. You will be surprised at how quickly your former skills return. I think another 50-100 rounds will get me there. Of course to maintain that level requires routine practice.